Nursery News 9th May 2022

9th May 2022 – Edition 260
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A. Welcome back to Mrs Davies
B. Parentline
C. Summer Safety.
D. Some Dates for Your Diary.
E. What the children are learning about this week

A. Welcome back to Mrs Davies
Mrs Davies has now returned and is fully recovered from her
time in hospital.

B. Parentline

Click here for a link to the flyer 

C. Summer Safety.
I would like to share with you some tips for the summer term. We still go outside
everyday, but we do limit how long children can go outside if it
is very hot. We encourage all children to drink plenty,
reminding them that their water bottle is always available. We
do encourage children to come inside for a rest in the shade.
We are very lucky in that our school remains fairly cool in the
summer, with lots of windows for ventilation.
We would ask you to apply sun protection cream to your child
before they attend morning or afternoon sessions. If your child
attends all day and you wish your child to have additional
cream applied at lunchtime, please send a bottle of sun
protection cream into school (please pass it to their Keyworker) and we will store it
safely in the classroom, out of the children’s reach. This cream should be left in
school. Ensure their name is on it. Staff will assist children to apply sun protection
cream at lunchtime. Please do not leave sun protection cream in your child’s bag.
We do not want children sharing their cream with their friends. One year we found a
pair of children applying it to their teeth to use as toothpaste.
Please provide your child with a cap with their name on when
the weather is sunny. Remember 2, 3,and 4 year olds cannot
always remember the whereabouts of clothing that can be
removed. Consider what you would like your child to wear at
school for safety. Children are still climbing and riding bikes so
long sundresses and strappy sandals are not always practical!
Messy Play: As the weather improves we take more and more activities outside.
More water is used and play can become much messier. Please ensure clothes are
play friendly and send in spares as children can become soaked if they pour water
down their clothes, even with aprons on! Wet sleeves are a constant problem– One
way to help solve this is to send your child into school in short sleeved clothes.

D. Some Dates for Your Diary.
2022 Summer term and school holidays
 Half term from Monday 30st May to Friday 3rd June – School Closed
 Monday 27th June – Additional Willow Jubilee Holiday – School Closed
 Thursday 21st July. Summer term ends.
 Autumn Term begins Monday 5th September 2022

D. What the children are learning about this week:
The theme in Little Nursery is mini beasts.
In Catkins, the children will be working towards shape recognition and
repeating simple patterns. The children will look at the patterns that they see
on butterflies, they will try to recreate the simple colour pattern that they see
on the wings.
In room three, the children will participate in a shared read of Feely Bugs with
Mrs. Watson. This is a lovely book that has a different sensory insect on each
page for the children to explore. At the end of their story, the children will
colour in their very own Feely Bug picture.
In the link, the children will be learning about different painting techniques.
Mrs. Brinkley will talk to the children about the various ways which marks can
be made. These techniques will include using fingers, marbles, sponges and
rollers to explore ways to make marks with paint.
Outside, Miss Gaffney will use clay and shells to help the
children create their own snails. The children will look at some
real life snails to take inspiration.
The theme in Big Nursery is life cycles.
In room one, Miss Skai will be talking to the children
about the butterflies that they are helping to grow. The
children are very excited to learn about and see the life
cycle of a butterfly. Miss Skai will also ask the children
to join her with a group read of The Very Hungry
In room two, Miss Howe will work with the children on writing their own
names. The children will be given a circle for each letter in their name. When
they have written their entire name, they will piece together the circles to
create a caterpillar name card. This will support the children with their fine
motor skills as well as recognizing the letters in their name.
Outside, there will be a huge focus on the mud kitchen and the children will be
encouraged to bake and create mud pies using soil and different utensils. The
children will also have the chance to splash around as Mrs. Patterson will
provide a lovely area for the children to play with water toys. Aprons will be
provided but please remember to provide plenty of spare clothes.