Nursery News 16.5.2022

16th May 2022 – Edition 261
Find out About
A. Eggs Arriving
B. Big Nursery Art session with a professional artist.
C. What the children are learning about this week

A Eggs Arriving.
How Egg-citing!
This week we will be receiving a delivery from ‘Living Eggs’.
The eggs arrive almost ready to hatch, so we hope by
Tuesday or Wednesday we should see the chicks beginning to
hatch out from their eggs. We keep the chicks for about 10
days so that the children can watch them grow, and learn
about how to care for them. We plan lots learning
opportunities around the eggs/chicks over the next two weeks.
Updates to follow……

B. Big Nursery Art session with a professional artist.
On Monday 23rd May all Big Nursery children will have the opportunity to take part in
an art workshop with a professional artist.
Charly, from Colour and Craft Parties will work with children in small groups to
produce their own acrylic on canvas artwork. Each child will work at their own easel.
Charly will show children how to create a specific design, step by step, and the
children will paint alongside her. Your child will then bring their artwork home. We
can’t wait to see the paintings!

C What the children are learning about this week:
The theme in little nursery is Dear Zoo.
In Catkins the children will be listening to animal
sounds that are played to them on the iPod. The
children will listen to the sounds and see how many
they recognise. The children will play a game called
Sound Lotto with Mrs. McGrath, they will listen to the
animal noises that are played to them and try to
name the animal that makes the noise.
In room three, Mrs. Watson will set up a pet shop for the children to play in.
they will explore the role of shop keeper and customer as they use the tills
and write shopping lists. The children will also work towards matching images
of animals with animal toys.
In the link, Mrs. Brinkley will have an array of recycling for the children to craft
box models. They will be encouraged to make homes for animals in the pet
shop. Mrs. Brinkley will talk with the children about the materials that they are
using and the animals that the homes are for.
Outside, Miss Gaffney will be moving around the garden looking for
characters from the Dear Zoo story. She will encourage the children to look
high and low to see how many animals they can find.
The theme in big nursery is growing – chicks.
In room one, Miss Skai will be playing the Chicken Out
game with the children. The focus for this game will be
for the children to wait patiently and take turns. The
children will need to find matching pairs of animals,
every time they find a pair, they will place a chicken with their farmer. This
lovely game will build on the children’s memory recall to find animal cards that
have already been turned over.
In room two, Miss Howe will support the children with writing their whole
names on their work. Children will work towards forming their letters correctly
and holding their pencils effectively.
The children will be using different media to make their own chicks to bring
home. They will be able to create a chick using lollipop sticks, paper and glue.
They will have the opportunity to create another chick using yellow paint and
forks. The children will be shown that they can make similar items using
different methods.
Outside, Mrs. Patterson will have a washing line set up for the children to
wash and dry the clothes for our dollies. They will be shown how to peg up
their freshly laundered dolls clothes on the line and encouraged to hang them
up by themselves. There will be a lot of water play outside, so please
remember lots of spare clothes.