Our School

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Catkins Class (2-3 year olds)

There are places available for two year olds. These are on a first come, first served basis. There is no waiting list. Some two year olds are entitled to 15 hours of funding from the term after they turn 2 (see 2 year old funding section). Two year old children that are paying for sessions can begin any time from their second birthday. Catkins class have their own room and outdoor area. The current charge is £18 for a half-day session (see 2+ prospectus for more information).

Our morning session runs from 8.45am-11.45am.

Our afternoon session runs from 11.45pm-2.45pm

All day sessions run from 8.45am-2.45pm

Little and Big Nursery (3-4 year olds)

Children’s names can go on to the waiting list at any time. They will be offered a funded place in the term following their third birthday, subject to availability. We aim to give a minimum of three terms with us before a child transfers to primary school. Priority is given to a percentage of children who have particular needs.  Children are offered 15 hours a week of government funded provision, which can be taken in a variety of ways. Extra sessions can be booked and paid for, at a current charge of £15 per half day session (see 3+ prospectus for more information)

Our morning session runs from 8.45/8.50am-11.45/11.50am.

All day sessions run from 8.45/8.50am-2.45pm/2.50pm