Nursery News 2nd May 2022


2nd May 2022 – Edition 259

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  1. Dunstable Locality Children’s Centre
  2. Thank you for the donations of tissues
  3. What the children are learning about this week


  1. Dunstable Locality Children’s Centre

The children’s centres in Central Bedfordshire have been developed in line with the needs of the local community so no one centre is the same. Children’s centres work with partners to offer a range of services to meet your child’s needs all in one place.

There is a core set of services they aim to provide:

  • child and family health services including antenatal, postnatal, breast feeding and baby weighing sessions (drop-in)
  • advice on parenting and parenting programmes
  • information and advice to parents on childcare, early years provision and 2-year-old funded places
  • early education and school readiness, early communication support e.g. speech and language drop-ins
  • outreach and family support services including home visits
  • a variety of drop-in sessions

Click here for the link for the current timetable for Dunstable Children’s Centre


2. Thank you for the donations of tissues

A big thank you to all parents who have donated boxes of tissues this week. We are now well stocked for runny noses!


3. What the children are learning about this week


The theme throughout nursery is mini beasts.

In Catkins the children will be focusing on colour recognition. They will have a variety of mini beasts in the playdough and as they play, the children and staff will talk about the colours of the bugs that they see.

In room three, the children will be playing the Snail Race game, they will take turns to roll the dice and move their snails along the track. This teaches the children to wait for their turn and share with their friends.

In the link area, the children will be looking at patterns and symmetry. The children will create their own mini beast collages, using different colours and following set patterns.

Outside, the children will be building upon their fine motor skills by untangling spiders from stringy spider webs. To do this they have the choice of using tongs, tweezers or their fingers.

In room one, to celebrate Eid, the children will be making a crescent moon and star decoration. The children will talk about the meaning of the star and crescent moon as they make their decoration.

They will also have a shared read of Feely Bugs, an interactive story which encourages the children to explore the different textures on the pages and discuss what they feel like.

In room two, Miss Skai will focus on creating lady bugs using potato mashers to dip in paint and print. The children will also create their own glittery spider webs. They will look at different marks that can be seen on the bugs and try to replicate these marks with the tools available.

Outside, children will focus on maths and mini beasts. The children will have a tray of laminated spiders that have numbers on their backs. The spiders will have holes on their bodies for the children to thread some legs onto. They will match the amount of legs they add to the number on the back of the spider.