Nursery News 4th January 2022


4th January 2022 – Edition 247

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A. Important Reminder for Big Nursery Children: Deadline for Local Authority Applications for Primary Schools.

B. Term Dates.

C What the children are learning about this week?



A. Important Reminder for Big Nursery Children: Deadline for Local Authority Applications for Primary Schools- 15th January 2022.

Parents of all children in Big Nursery must apply to their Local Authority for a place in their chosen primary school by 15th January 2022. Make sure that you do this! We always have at least one parent each year who fails to apply, and their child is not allocated a Primary school place.


B. Term Dates.

We follow the term dates set by Central Bedfordshire Council. If you look on the Central Bedfordshire Council website you can find school term dates. School term dates can sometimes be changed by the Local Authority, so I do not put more than the current terms dates in my newsletter. If you are planning to book a holiday, always check the Central Bedfordshire website for most up to date school holiday dates.

So for this term: Spring term 2022:

Term Begins Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Half Term holiday is from Monday 14th February to Friday 18th February

The last day of the Spring Term is Friday 1st April.


Within this term we plan to offer all parents a Parent Consultation. These are likely to be at the beginning of February. I will advise of specific dates nearer the time.


C. What the children are learning about this week?

The theme in Little Nursery this week is sharing experiences.

In Catkins and Room 3 the children will be talking about what they have been doing at home over the festive period. The children will be drawing pictures of their Christmas activities and any gifts that they received. Staff will talk with them as they draw and ‘write’ encouraging them to discuss what they have drawn.

There will be an obstacle course set up outside by Mrs. Brinkley, and in the link area, Mrs. Watson will be looking at different painting techniques. The children will be using balloons and string dipped in paint to create some amazing artwork.


The theme in Big Nursery is people who help us / postal workers.

There will be a role play area set up in Room 1, where the children can role play being a postal worker, they will carry out tasks such as sorting and posting letters and parcels. The children will also listen to a story called ‘Letter’s from Maisy’ and will have the opportunity to write and post their own letters.

In Room 2, Mrs. Patterson will help to children to make and paint their own post boxes. She will also encourage the children to explore colour mixing by painting their hands and feet with different colours and looking at the changes that happen if the colours are blended together.

Outside, Miss Skai will turn all the bicycles into delivery vehicles. She will have delivery destinations set up around the playground and ask the children to deliver their parcels to each area.