Nursery News 13th December 2021


13th December 2021 – Edition 246- Last Newsletter of 2021


Find out About

A.Christmas Parties

B. What the children are learning about this week?

C Notes for the end of term/ date for beginning of Spring term


A. Christmas Parties.

These parties are for all our children regardless of the days you attend.

Unfortunately parents will be unable to stay during the parties as we do not have enough room! Staffing ratio’s will be maintained.


Little Nursery Party.

Friday 17th December

9:00am to 10:00am

The Plan:

9:00 Doors Open

Children work in small groups to make ‘Christmas Crowns’

9:20 Party Snacks.

9:30 Surprise visit from Father Christmas

Songs for Father Christmas

Father Christmas leaves gifts for all children.

9:35 Back to groups to make a decoration.

9:50 Pass the Parcel Game.

10:00 Parents arrive to collect all children.


Big Nursery Party

Friday 17th December

11:15am to 1:00pm

The Plan:

11:15 Doors Open

11:25am Party Food

11:45am Surprise visit from Father Christmas.

Songs for Father Christmas.

12:00 Christmas Magic Show

1:00pm Parents arrive to collect all children.


B. What the children are learning about this week?

The theme in Little Nursery is Christmas.

Catkins will be focusing on expressive arts by making Santa handprints with Mrs. Field, she will paint an image of Santa onto their hands and they will press this image onto card. The children will also be learning some Christmas songs, including Jingle Bells and We wish you a merry Christmas.

Little Nursery will be making Christmas lanterns and reading a collection of festive stories. In the link they will be decorating reindeers and outside in the garden, the children will be making Christmas hats.

The theme in Big Nursery is Christmas.

In Room 1, Miss Howe will be making Christmas calendars with the children, other activities will include the Christmas surprise game, which teaches about colour, and the Christmas list game, which will have a focus on counting.

In Room 2, Mrs. Patterson will be retelling the story of the nativity. The children will have the opportunity to dress up as Nativity characters and act out the story.

Outside, Miss Skai will be working with the children to make outside decorations. They will use glittery pipe cleaners and pasta. This activity really helps the children to fine tune their motor skills and the decorations will look beautiful hanging in your gardens.


C Notes for the end of term/ date for beginning of Spring term

On Friday 17th December the school will be open for the parties only. The school office will be closed on Friday 17th December. The deadline for all payments for the beginning of the Spring Term will be on Thursday 16th December at 9:30am.


The staff would like to say Happy Christmas! to all our families that celebrate Christmas. We wish all our families a safe and happy break during the school holidays and look forward to seeing you in the new year.


Spring Term begins on 4th January 2022.