Nursery News 31st January 2022

31st January 2022 – Edition 250

Find out About
A. Parent Consultations for Little Nursery.
B. Parent Consultations for Big Nursery.
C. Request for boxes of tissues
D. Box Modelling
D. What the children are learning about this week

A. Parent consultations for Little Nursery – reminder
If you made a telephone appointment to speak to your child’s keyworker, here is a
reminder of the day to expect your 5 minute call…
Mrs Cashmore – Monday 31st Jan
Miss Gaffney – Monday 31st Jan
Miss Tyler – Tuesday 1st Feb
Mrs Field – Wednesday 2nd Feb
Mrs Brinkley – Thursday 3rd Feb
Mrs Watson – Friday 4th Feb

B. Parent consultations for Big Nursery
Just a reminder about Parent Consultations (on the telephone) to parents of children
in Big Nursery during the week beginning 7/2/22. Big Nursery staff will contact
parents, either at the front gate at the beginning or end of sessions, or by telephone
to arrange a suitable appointment time. Appointments will last no longer than 10
minutes. We only have one phone line so the consultations will be at the following
Yellow Group, Speaking with Miss Howe
Monday 7th February 2022.
Yellow Group, Speaking with Mrs Cashmore
Tuesday 8th February 2022.
Green Group, Speaking with Mrs Patterson
Wednesday 9th February 2022.
Orange Group, Speaking with Miss Skai
Thursday 10th February 2022.

C. Request for boxes of tissues
We are running very low on boxes of tissues. We seem to have lots
of runny noses! We would be very grateful for any donations of
boxes of tissues for the children to use.

D. Box Modelling
We are running very short of recycled materials for our box modelling area. We would
be very grateful for any of the following that you can offer…
 Boxes, not too big. The biggest boxes we like are cereal boxes.
 Plastic bottle tops
 Yogurt Pots, butter tubs and other plastic containers
 Toilet roll tubes
 Egg boxes

E. What the children are learning about this week:
What are the children learning about this week?
The theme in little nursery this week is winter and ice.
In Catkins, the children will be exploring different textures. There will be toys encased in ice, which
will become available as the ice melts. They will also be able to explore a tray of flour using their
hands and utensils to gain an understanding of the contrasting textures.
In little nursery, the children will have a winter wonderland theme where there will be lots of
different books for the children to look through.
Outside, Miss Gaffney will have an igloo tent for the children to explore and extend role play ideas.
Miss Gaffney will also be teaching the children to recognise amounts without counting, the children
will do this using natural resources such as twigs and leaves.
In the link area, Mrs Brinkley will support the children to create their very own Rainbow Fish collage
using a variety of art materials, including card and foil. The children have been reading this
wonderful story over the last week with Mrs Brinkley.
The theme in big nursery is people who help us – hospitals, dentists and opticians.
In room 1, Miss Skai will have a doctor’s surgery set up with an ambulance van for the children to
play in, extending role play ideas and prompting the children to take turns. She will also be playing a
hospital themed version of Kim’s Game, using medical equipment which will support the children in
learning the correct names for the doctor’s instruments.
In room 2, Mrs Cashmore will be supporting the children to create their very own Snellen Eye Charts
and glasses. These activities will focus on letter formation and improving fine motor skills. The
children will also have the chance to take part in some maths activities by giving a specific number of
eyes to aliens. There will be some aliens on the table with a number attached to them, this number
represents the amount of eyes they will need to be given.
Outside, Mrs Patterson will be celebrating Chinese New Year with the children. 2022 is the Year of
the Tiger and the children will celebrate in true style by moving through the playground with our
traditional Dragon head, which is a symbol of good luck.