Nursery News 24th January 2022


24th January 2022 – Edition 249

A. Find out About Parent Consultations for Big Nursery

B. Letters for Catkins children starting Big Nursery in September 2022.

C. Big Nursery Blue group begin Forest Schools

D. Mrs Davies Absence

E. What the children are learning about this week


A. Parent consultations for Big Nursery

We plan to offer Parent Consultations (on the telephone) to parents of children in Big Nursery during the week beginning 7/2/22. Big Nursery staff will contact parents, either at the front gate at the beginning or end of sessions, or by telephone to arrange a suitable appointment time. Appointments will last no longer than 10 minutes.


B. Letters for Catkins children starting Big Nursery in September 2022.

If your child is in Catkins Class, in Little Nursery, with a date of birth between 01/04/19 and 31/08/19 they will be eligible for their universal funded 15 hours in September 2022. Some families are entitled to 30 hours of funded nursery education if both parents are working. All children in this date of birth group will begin Big Nursery in September 2022. Mrs Davies will be passing out letters to parents this week, with information and forms to complete. Parents will have a choice of attendance options. Please fill in the forms and return these to the school office as soon as possible,  by the 2nd February at the very latest.


 C. Big Nursery Blue group begin Forest Schools.

Last week, Blue group began their program of Forest School activities. Mrs Brinkley leads the Forest School work and she explained to the group that they will be having a Forest School activity group every Wednesday at 9:00am, for the next 7 school weeks. One of the boys was a little concerned that this involved going off site, but Mrs Brinkley reassured him that all the activities would take place in the Catkins garden.

Big Nursery Orange group completed their Forest School tasks last term, and Big Nursery Yellow group will have their turn in the Summer Term.


D. Mrs Davies Absence

Mrs Davies is currently unwell. In her absence, Miss Howe will be taking over the running of the nursery school.


E. What the children are learning about this week:

The theme in little nursery this week is the shoe shop.

In Catkins, the staff will set up a shoe shop role play area. This gives the children a great opportunity to role play as a shopkeeper and customer while building on the children’s language and communication skills. Mrs. Brinkley will help the children get creative by using paint to create colourful footprint pictures.

In room 3, Mrs. Watson will have lots of old shoes for the children to decorate with a range of artistic resources. They will then be using their newly decorated shoes to practice drawing skills, the children will draw around their shoes and colour in the shoeprints that they have made.

Miss Gaffney will be planting daffodils in the garden with the children and talking about how the bulbs will change as they grow.


The theme in big nursery is people who help us / fire and police services.

In room 1, Mrs. Patterson will have the police and fire service role play area set up for the children to use. The children can use their imagination to become police officers or fire fighters. This will show that the children understand different occupations and the responsibilities of people in the community.

In room 2, Mrs Howe will be supporting the children with expressing their emotions through painting while listening to music. Miss Howe will encourage the children to think about which colours might express happy/sad or angry feelings and use these in their artwork.

Mrs Cashmore will support the children with building a dialogue while playing. They will do this by making their own walkie talkies and using these to role play as police officers and fire fighters. The activities in room 2, will support the children with different ways of communicating and expressing their feelings.

Outside, the children will be able to undertake some responsibilities of a fire fighter, such as rescuing kittens from trees. They will have different outfits and accessories to utilise, to immerse them in their role play.