Nursery News 25th April 2022


25th April 2022 – Edition 258


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A. Welcome to all our new families

B. Covid Update

C. Request for boxes of tissues

D. Primary School Places for September 2022

E. What the children are learning about this week


A. Welcome to all our new families

The beginning of the Summer term sees us enrol Spring born children in to the Nursery. These children have all had their third Birthday between the 1st January and 31st March 2022.

These children are known as Red Group. There are 11 children in Red Group. Five of them are already known to us, as they attended in Catkins Class, our class for 2 year olds. Six children are joining us from our waiting list. Mrs Brinkley is looking after all the Red group children.

I’m sure you have all noticed outside that we have three groups waiting in the morning each side of the front gate.

We are working very hard to ensure we take children in on time.

The gates open for the youngest bubble at 8:45am

The older bubble, beginning with Mrs Patterson’s Blue group, is scheduled to be invited in at 8:50am.

We would ask that all parents arrive at their allocated time slot. Parents arriving late slows down the whole process. We do understand that some parents have to be in two different schools at the same time, and that is not possible! We try to help all children to enter as swiftly as possible, but please understand staff are allocated to particular bubbles. If you arrive with your 2 year old at 8:52am you may see 5 or 6 adults outside and wonder why nobody steps forward to greet your child. By that time all the younger bubble staff have gone inside to support their children to hang up their coats and bags and prepare for register time. We will ask an appropriate team member to return to the front of school to meet your child as soon as possible.


B. Covid Update

From Friday 1st April 2022 there will no longer be free, universal access to testing for COVID-19 (LFD or PCR) in England, due to changes in government policy. With these changes, we are advising the following:

· Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test result will be advised to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days, which is when they are most infectious. For children and young people aged 18 and under, the advice will be 3 days.


· people with symptoms of a respiratory infection, including COVID-19, and a high temperature, or who feel unwell, to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people where they can, until they feel well enough to resume normal activities and they no longer have a high temperature.


C. Request for boxes of tissues

We are running very low on boxes of tissues. We seem to have lots of runny noses! We would be very grateful for any donations of boxes of tissues for the children to use.


D Primary School Places for September 2022

On Tuesday 19th April 2022 it was National Offer Day. All parents who made on time applications to their Local Authority for a Primary school place for their child in September 2022 will have received notification of the school their child has been allocated.

The Central Beds Website says that: ‘All online applicants and those who have supplied an email address with their paper application will receive an email between 9am and 4pm with the outcome of their application. Parents who have not provided an email address with their paper application form will have their decision letter posted to them’

Every year there is always at least one family who has not applied for a primary school place. There are processes to follow for late applicants, please see your appropriate Local Authority Website, based on your home address, should you still need to apply for a place for your child.

We hope as many of you as possible were allocated your first choice of school. We are, as a school, able to access a Central Beds website which will tell us which school children who live in the Central Beds area have been allocated to. Sometimes we are unable to see which school children with a Luton Home address are allocated to. In coming weeks we may check with parents to ensure we have the correct information regarding your child’s destination School.


E What the children are learning about this week

The theme in big nursery this week is growing – animals.

In room one, Mrs Patterson will have a pet shop set up for the children to express themselves through role play. They will be able to act out the role of pet owners looking for products for their pet or even to buy a new animal to join their household. The children will have the opportunity to broaden their vocabulary when talking to each other and the adults as they play. There will also be a shared read of Handa’s Surprise for the children to take part in, they will follow the story and look at the illustrations together. At the end of the story, the children will discuss the exciting things that happened to the story’s main character.

In room two, Miss Skai will be focusing on patterns of animals. Miss Skai will provide the children with pattern sheets of different animals and ask them to continue the pattern that they see using paint and the appropriate colours. This will improve the children’s colour recognition skills as well as their fine motor movements. They will be encouraged to discuss how they will use their utensils to recreate their patterns. The children will be shown how to make animals out of paper plates and other materials and they will be invited to make their own animal to take home.

Outside, Mrs Cashmore will be focusing on building the children’s fine motor skills using tweezers to collect different characters and place them in matching pots. The children will be invited to make some binoculars and decorate them with animal print patterns, they will talk about the animals that they may have seen at the zoo and the patterns that they have seen on each animal. The children will be encouraged to look around the nursery and even at their own clothes for any patterns they can see using their new binoculars.


The theme in little nursery is keeping healthy.

In Catkins, the focus will be on dental hygiene and the children will be colouring in and cleaning up laminated pictures of teeth. They will use language to discuss how to clean effectively and how often we should brush our teeth.

Outside, the children will be focusing on the physical side of staying healthy and working on different movements and stretching in addition to ball skills throughout the week.

In the link, Miss Gaffney will discuss healthy eating and the children will use fruit to dip in paint and make prints on paper.

The children will take part in a shared read of ‘I Care for My Teeth’ and ‘Going to the Dentist’, they will talk about how they care for their own teeth and can share experiences that they have had with their own dentist.