Nursery News 20th June 2022


20th June 2022 – Edition 265

Find out About:

A. Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday- A reminder.

B. We are running short of tissues….

C. Parent Consultations July 2022

D. End of Term arrangements July 2022


A.Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday- A reminder.

Willow Nursery School will be closed on Monday 27th June, 2022.


 B. We are running short of tissues….

We are running very short of tissues. Children seem to have colds year round, plus some children suffer from hay fever. We would be grateful for donations of tissues.


C. Parent Consultations July 2021.

We will have parent consultations for all the children on 6th, 7th and 8th July 2021 as follows: Little Nursery parents will have a 10 minute telephone consultation with their child’s Keyworker. The plan is to schedule them at the times below. Some of our staff work part time so will be unavailable at the times stated. Keyworkers will be in touch with parents to arrange appointments.

Tuesday 5th July-  Catkins children. Telephone consultation, a 10 minute consultation scheduled from 3:15 onwards with your child’s keyworker.

Wednesday 6th July- Green Group Children, 10 minute Telephone Consultation with Miss Gaffney or Mrs Watson scheduled from 3:15 onwards

Thursday 7th July- Red Group children, 10 minute Telephone Consultation with Mrs Brinkley scheduled from 3:15 onwards

Big Nursery children will have a Leavers Consultation, where staff will hand over your child’s year book, so will have a shorter, face to face meeting.

Tuesday 5th July  -Blue Group Children, 5 minute Face to Face meeting with Mrs Patterson scheduled from 3:15 onwards

Wednesday 6th July,- Orange Group Children 5 minute Face to Face meeting with Miss Skai scheduled from 3:15 onwards

Thursday 7th July –Yellow Group children 5 minute Face to Face meeting with Miss Howe or Mrs Cashmore scheduled from 3:15 onwards.

Your child’s keyworker will contact you to arrange an appointment, either by speaking to you at arrival or departure times, or failing that  giving you a call on the telephone.


D. End of Term arrangements July 2022

The last day of term in July 2022 for all children will be Thursday 21st July.

On Friday 22nd July school will open only for the Big Nursery children that are leaving us. The session will be from 8:50 am to 11:50am. All Big Nursery leavers are invited to attend this session, regardless of your child’s normal attendance days. As children are attending for the morning only, no child will require a packed lunch. Children will require their water bottles. We are going to consult the children about what activities they would like to plan for their last day, and try to enable their ideas. There will be no charge for this session.

E.What are the children learning about this week?

The theme in Catkins is Aliens Love Underpants.

In Catkins the children will be creating a sensory collage, they will collect different textured materials to glue onto a paper pair of underpants. The children will look at the colours and patterns that are on their fabric as they stick them to their template. Miss Tyler will also support the children in washing lots of pairs of underpants and hanging them out to dry.

In room three, Mrs. Brinkley will be reading the story of Aliens Love Underpants to the children. Mrs. Brinkley will encourage the children to share their thoughts on the story and make predictions about what might happen next. A key talking point for the children will be the patterns that appear on the illustrations and children will be asked to see if they can spot any patterns around the nursery. After reading the story together, the children will have the chance to make an alien hat.

In the link, Miss Gaffney will be using playdough and playdough resources with the children to create aliens of their own. She will have corn flour available for the children to really get stuck into and explore messy and sensory play.

Outside, Mrs. Watson will provide the children with clipboards and pencils, so that they can explore the garden and look for hidden numbers. The children will be encouraged to try and write the numbers that they find. Children will be encouraged to look high and low and Mrs. Watson will support the children in holding their pencils effectively.


The theme in big nursery is Science.

In room one, Mrs. Patterson will be making rockets with the children. She will give each child a pipette, a rocket template and a straw. They will then be shown how to assemble all of these items and create a rocket that flies through the sky.

Mrs. Patterson will also ask the children to join her with a shared read of a story called Wind. The children will all have a copy of the same book and will follow the story together, at the end of the story the children can have a short discussion with Mrs. Patterson about the weather.

In room two, Miss Skai will complete experiments with the children focused on items that sink or float. She will have a range of items and ask the children to make predictions about what they think will happen when the object is placed in the water. The children will then analyse their predictions and discuss the results.

Miss Skai will also have some sunflower seeds to plant with the children and together, they can talk about how the seeds will change and grow. The children will continue to watch the seeds grow and point out the changes that they notice. Everyone will get to take home the sunflowers that they have planted after they have grown a little.

Outside, Miss Howe will be making paper helicopters with the children, they will colour in their helicopters and cut along the lines, building upon their fine motor skills. Children will show that they can follow directions and fold their helicopters along specific lines and Miss Howe will model this for the children to copy. A paperclip will be placed at the bottom of the helicopter and children will be encouraged to drop the helicopter from the top of the climbing frame. Children will watch what happens when they drop their helicopters and they will be asked what they think will happen if aspects of the helicopter are changed. Predictions will be made and further experiments carried out to check if the children made the correct predictions. There will be lots of mini experiments throughout nursery to challenge the children’s thought processes, but because science can be explored anywhere, please encourage your children to continue exploring science outside of school and they can share their experiences with us when they return to school.