Nursery News – Tuesday 28th June 2022


Tuesday 28th June 2022 – Edition 266

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A. Review of the Year

B. What are the children learning about this week?


A. Review of the year

At this time of year, we carry out a big review of our school. In the next few days I will be talking to children individually to gain their views about their school, with regard to what they like, what they think they have learned and what they would like to see change. All school staff and Governors are busy filling in questionnaires too.

This information helps us to plan our areas for development next year.

I always ask parents for their views too at this time of year.


We usually ask just two questions:

1. Please comment about what we do well at Willow.

2. Please tell us one thing you would like to see at Willow that you would consider to be an improvement and/or development. Please write a short email and send to

Covid continued to have quite a big impact upon the past academic year.

We had hoped that in this academic year we would be able to begin our program of events where invite parents in to school. Due to Covid restrictions continuing in both Autumn and Spring terms we felt we were unable to roll out our usual parent involvement opportunities

The experience families have had during Covid is completely different to previous years. We hope that at some point in the new school year we will be able to increase parent involvement. So, with this in mind I would like you as parents to share with us:

3. Any ideas regarding how parents could feel more involved with the school.

If you wish your comments to inform my review, please send your email by the end of this week, Friday 1st July. I will then compile all the comments and respond to them in a future newsletter, on Monday 11th July.


B. What are the children learning about this week?

The theme in big nursery is transport on land.

In room one, Miss Skai will be doing a shared read with the children, the book The Big Red Bus is about animals and friends that take the bus to school. Children will be encouraged to talk about their own journeys into school, including how they travelled and what they have seen on their way.

Miss Skai will also support the children with number work, they will be creating number train pictures, focusing on the numbers 1-10.

In room two, Miss Howe and Mrs. Cashmore will be showing the children how to drive toy cars through paint and looking at the marks made by the tyres. It will be exciting to see the different tyre tracks made as the toys move through the different coloured paints. The children will also be able to recall work they completed last week, when they used split pins to make parts of their bear pictures move. Miss Howe will model how to make a bus to the children and the wheels will be held on with split pins, allowing the wheels to spin. Miss Howe, will sing ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ with the children as they work.

Outside, Mrs. Patterson will be using plastic crates and wooden blocks to create different vehicles. The children will use their imagination to drive the ‘cars’ or ‘buses’ etc. to their desired destinations. In addition to this, weather permitting, there will be lots of water play. Please remember to pack spare clothes in your child’s bag.

The theme in little nursery is sports skills.

In Catkins the children will work on their movement skills and spatial awareness as they traverse an obstacle course set up by Mrs. Field. The children will be supported where necessary but urged to attempt the course by themselves.

In room three, there will be a shared read of Maisy Goes Swimming and the children will make medals with Mrs. Watson, as they discuss teamwork.

In the link area the children will be exploring colours and colour mixing with Mrs. Brinkley, there will also be a range of box modelling materials available so they can sculpt their own models.

Outside, the children will be improving upon their ball skills with Miss Gaffney, they will work towards being able to kick, catch and throw balls to each other.