Nursery News 13th June 2022


13th June 2022 – Edition 264


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A. Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday- A reminder.

B. End of term arrangements.

C. What the children are learning about this week

D. Summer Reading Challenge.


A.Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday- A reminder.

Willow Nursery School will be closed on Monday 27th June, 2022.


B. End of term arrangements.

The last day of term in July 2022 for all children will be Thursday 21st July.

On Friday 22nd July school will open only for the Big Nursery children that are leaving us. The session is likely to be a ‘morning only’ session. More details will follow.


C.What the children are learning about this week:

The theme in Little Nursery is ‘at the café’

In Little Nursery and Catkins, the children will be using their imagination as the classroom is transformed into a café. There will be tables and chairs arranged for the children to sit at and enjoy pretending that they are really at a café. There will be menus for the children to help them decide which meals and drinks they would like to have, as well as clipboards and pencils for them to take orders from their friends. Mrs. Brinkley will model language that they might hear and use in a café, she will ask them questions and encourage the children to keep the conversation moving forward. Children will be given the opportunity to make their own sandwiches and eat them in the seating area. They will choose which bread and filling they would like, answering simple questions about their favourite foods, likes and dislikes. Mrs. Cashmore will support the children with using utensils to spread their butter and sandwich fillers using age appropriate utensils.

Outside, Mrs. Watson will be promoting positive behavior and supporting the children with conflict resolution. She will encourage the children to think about how to solve problems such as two children wanting the same toy.

The theme in Big Nursery is We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

In room one, Mrs. Patterson will be reading the story of We’re Going On a Bear Hunt with the children so that they are familiar with the story line. The children will then be invited to take part in a sensory retelling of the story using a range of resources as props for the children to walk through and over. It is a wonderful way for the children to act out the scenes in the book and bring the story to life.

In room 2, Miss Skai will make binoculars for the children to use when looking for bears. Miss Skai will show the children a map that she has made that shows landmarks from the story We’re Going On a Bear Hunt. The children will be invited to create their own map using different media and materials. They can then use their binoculars and follow their maps to go on a hunt of their own, in school.

Outside, Miss Howe will be playing a word hunt game, the children will have a sheet with pictures on. They will need to look for the words in the garden that match the pictures on their sheets. The children will be asked to write the words that match the pictures on their sheets. This will support the children with their letter recognition and formation when writing.


D. Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual challenge run jointly by The Reading Agency and public libraries. This year the theme is Gadgeteers, with a science and engineering themed challenge, supported by the Science Museum.

Children are encouraged to read whatever they like for the challenge, recognising the importance of reading for pleasure in increasing empathy and improving well-being, as well as in children’s educational success.

The Challenge v Children must be members of the library service. Join the library here or go to your local library.

  • The challenge invites children to read any six library books or more during the summer holidays.
  • Families can sign up for the challenge at any library, at any stage in the summer from Friday 22 July.
  • Children can borrow books or read our e-books, magazines and audiobooks available from our Virtual Library
  • Children collect rewards for the books they read – a bookmark for reading 2 books; a pencil for reading 4 books; a certificate and a medal for reading 6 books.
  • Children aged 4-16 completing the challenge (6 books) will be entered into a lucky dip at their library for the chance to win a tablet computer.


  • Science workshops run by Sublime Science will be taking place in libraries in August, with mixed demonstration and hands-on science – including gooey slime!
  • The popular John Kirk who entertained us last year, returns with more online entertainment in the form of science Story Hunts.

There are limited spaces and booking opens on 11 June at 12pm at: Further details of all activities from