Nursery News 23rd May 2022

23rd May 2022 – Edition 262
Find out About
A. Chicks and Butterflies Hatching.
B. Big Nursery Art session with a professional artist.
C. Reminder –Half Term.
D. What the children are learning about this week

A. Chicks and Butterflies Hatching.
When we arrived at school on Tuesday morning, 3 eggs had hatched during the
night. At first, the chicks feathers are wet and it takes a few hours for them to dry out
and fluff up. They tend to clamber over each other, and sit on each other, as they
first begin to move about. On Tuesday the children were able to see the rest of the
eggs beginning to crack open and the chicks making their way out of the egg for the
first time. We now have 10 chicks! Miss Skai has been looking after the chicks this
week, as they are very little. They do grow very quickly, so this week, when Miss
Howe is in room 1, the children will have the opportunity to carefully hold a chick,
with adult guidance.

Our Butterflies have also hatched. We have seen the
lifecycle of the caterpillar. The tiny caterpillars have
grown over time. They have spun their fragile cocoons,
and transformed into butterflies. They hatch from their
cocoons and gently puff up their wings. Miss Skai will
release the butterflies with the children on Monday in the
Nursery Garden.

B. Big Nursery Art session with a professional artist.
Charly will be in Nursery today working with the Big Nursery children. The children
will bring home their artwork on Monday if their work is dry. We predict that the
artwork created on Monday afternoon will be still wet by going home time, so some
paintings will go home on Tuesday.

C. Reminder -Half Term
The school is closed from Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June for half term break.

D. What the children are learning about this week:
What are the children learning about this week?
The theme in little nursery is flower shop.
In Catkins, the children will be painting pictures of daffodils. They
will have a vase of flowers on the table to use as a reference and
Miss Tyler will talk to the children about how flowers grow and
the colours that they can see on these flowers. The children will
paint their own interpretation of the daffodils.
In room three, there will be a flower shop role play set up for everyone to explore. In
the shop, the children can buy and sell different flowers and gardening tools. Miss
Gaffney will support their play and expand their vocabulary through modelling
speech and stretching their imagination.
In the link, the children will be using paper plates and wool to create colourful and
sensory tulips. The children will have support from Mrs. Watson to wrap wool around
the templates, which will build upon their fine motor skills.
Outside, Mrs. Brinkley will be focused on forest school activities, such as; making
dens, building pretend campfires and singing songs while sitting on logs. The
children will also work on their fine motor skills by snipping leaves that they find in
the garden and wrapping wool around sticks.
The theme in big nursery is growing – chicks.
In room one, Miss Howe and Mrs. Cashmore will be
supporting the children with taking
care of the chicks. The chicks will
be big enough for the children to
hold, and the children will learn
what the chicks need to stay happy
and healthy. Miss Howe will also
work with everyone using different
media and materials to decorate a photo frame keepsake
to remind them of the time they spent with the chicks.
In room two, Mrs. Patterson will have painting materials available so that the children
can create portraits of the chicks. Mrs. Patterson will bring one or two chicks into
room two for the children to look at and paint realistic images. She will encourage
pupils to look at the colours of the feathers, legs, beaks and eyes so that they can
paint with increasing detail.
Outside, Miss Skai will be working with the children to plan
and construct their own kites. There will be a range of
materials to use and after the kites have been made,
children can use the open space to fly them. Miss Skai will
talk to the children about the best weather to fly a kite and
about local areas that you might see lots of kites being