Nursery News 8th March 2021


8th March 2021 – Edition 218


Find out About:

A: The Wider Reopening of Schools.

B. Jolly phonics

C. Video Tours.


A: The Wider Reopening of Schools.

Today we see the wider reopening of schools. We knew that many of our pupils who have been at home for the past 9 weeks were likely to return when our local Primary Schools re-opened. We are very pleased to see that most children have returned. The children are very aware of who has been missing from their colour groups and it is lovely to see the children welcoming their friends back enthusiastically. They settle down to play together really quickly.

We have had two blue group children start today who were due to start in January, and we are very pleased to meet them. As I am writing this, they are busy exploring their play space, one is playing in the water tray and the other has ventured out into the garden.

It is very pleasing to hear the children’s voices, all busy creating play with each other.


It will be busier outside school now. Please do your best to be on time and we can keep our systems running smoothly.

Be kind to each other and help to keep all our children safe.

There will be additional cars passing our school now that the Vale Academy and Hadrian Academy are fully opened. Please take care.



B:Jolly phonics

For those children that have just returned:

We began teaching the children one phonic sound per week from the 1st February. So far we have taught the sounds s,a,t and i. Please click on the attachment sent with this newsletter to access the Jolly Phonics sound sheets for the sounds s,a,t,i.


click here for ‘s’


Click here for ‘a’


Click here for ‘t’


Click here for ‘i’


We sent out detailed information regarding our phonics program in the Nursery News Edition 214 1st February. This is still accessible on our website.


C. Video Tours

Government advice is that parents should drop children at the school gate. Whilst this system is operating well I am aware that the number of parents who have not seen inside our school is growing with each new intake of children. In pre-Covid times I would personally show parents around our school, and answer any questions

parents may have. In this way I was able to meet most families before enrolment, and I was able to find out what was important for each family, and what they wanted for their child during their time at Willow.


The government recommends that we keep parents in touch with what is going on in school by electronic means. As a school we have always protected our pupils by choosing not to publish images of our pupils on our website.


I have decided to try and make some slide show/ video room tours to show the interior of the school. I have produced a video tour of Room 1, a room used by the Main Nursery children.

My aim is to produce a video tour of each teaching area at Willow and publish them on our website, and / or add them to our newsletter.


Whilst I have the skills to produce these slide shows etc, as a staff we are not very ‘Tech-y’ so please bear with us. We hope to get our first room tour on our website today, if not we will have to get some help from our ICT Technical support service that we buy into, so there could be some delay.


If I can get this system working I hope to show regular slideshows of all the work going on in school. So fingers crossed….