Nursery News 1st March 2021


1st March 2021 – Edition 217

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A: Dunstable Locality Children’s Centre


A: Dunstable Locality Children’s Centre.

It is difficult, as a parent, to make connections with other parents at the moment due to the pandemic. We know traditional Parent and Baby Groups are not operating as they normally would. Often having a chat with other parents can help parents feel less isolated.


The Central Bedfordshire Council organises services for children and families at their children’s centres.

Dunstable has two Children’s Centres:

1. Westfield road, Dunstable LU6 1DW Telephone: 0300 300 8106

2. Oakwood Avenue, Dunstable LU5 4AS Telephone 0300 300 8104


The Children’s Centres usually run lots of face to face sessions, but during the pandemic they have moved to offering online sessions.

The Children’s Centre co-ordinator has asked us to share the Children’s Centre Virtual Timetable with all our parents.

(Please see the attached PDF document for the full timetable.)


Here are some of the sessions that the Children’s Centre are running virtually which are suited for preschool aged children:


Chattertots – For support in speech and language.


SEND coffee morning- A support group for parents with children with additional needs to get support and advice from our Children’s Centre SEND professionals.


Bookstart Story and Rhyme – Is a 3 week course for families to attend and will receive a free Bookstart pack once the course is completed.


Time for Two’s- A 5 week course for two year olds which supports their development. They will receive an activity pack, delivered each week to use in the session.


Parent Puzzle- A parenting course for families to attend.


Also there are other sessions that parents may find helpful, an Antenatal support group, a 3x 1 hour post natal course, or just a weekly coffee morning session on a Friday.

If you are interested in ‘virtually’ attending any of these sessions, give the centres a call, or look on Facebook: Dunstable Locality Children’s Centre


For the timetable, please click here