Nursery News 7th March 2022


7th March 2022 – Edition 254

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A. Lost property

B. Keeping children safe reminder

C. What the children are learning about this week


A. Lost property

Next week, we will be bringing out our lost property box that has been building up over the past few months. If you think your child may have lost something, please take a look. We would like to find a home for them all!


B. Keeping children safe reminder

Parents entrust their children into our care. There are rigorous procedures in place outlined by the government to keep all children safe from harm. I think it is important to let you know about some of the procedures that may affect you and your family whilst being part of our School Community, and I will try to explain the reasons for having these procedures.


We need to know where children are if they are absent from school. If for any reason you decide to keep your child at home, on a day when your child should be at school please telephone in to school as soon as possible and let us know. When registers are completed at the beginning of the session we have to put codes in the registers regarding the reasons for a child’s absence. If we do not hear from you, you will receive a call from one of the office staff or the headteacher asking about the whereabouts of your child.


If you know in advance that you will be absent, for example for a medical appointment, please let staff know and the appropriate code can be entered in the register.


If you plan to go on holiday in term time, please fill in a holiday form (available from the office staff) which again will let us know the dates that you will be absent. Unexplained absences have to be followed up. If a child is absent for any length of time and we have not heard from their parents as to the reasons for their absence, the child become a ‘Missing Child’. In this circumstance we are compelled to contact the Police and Social Care.


We need to record all injuries. If your child has a fall or receives a bump in school that we are aware of, we will fill in an accident letter to tell you about the incident. This letter will be passed on to you outside, by a member of staff. There is another copy kept in school.


Please inform your child’s Keyworker if your child comes into school with an existing injury that has occurred outside of school time. Staff must make a note of any existing injuries a child has. Our children at Willow are young. They are sometimes unable to tell us how they have hurt themselves. Please tell us if you know of any marks/cuts etc as it will save staff trying to work out what has happened.


Teach your child to use the toilet. Guidelines say that we should offer as little assistance in the bathroom as possible. With the three and four year old Nursery children we prefer to give children verbal assistance from outside their cubicle, only offering physical assistance if absolutely necessary. If an adult is needed to help a child in the bathroom another member of staff will always be aware, and support if necessary.


C. What the children are learning about this week

In big nursery the theme is the story of The Gingerbread Man.

In room 1, Mrs. Patterson will set up the baker’s shop for children to role play in. There will be a shop-front, cakes, tills, baskets and trolleys. The children will be able to be both the baker and the customer, which will enhance their imagination skills. Mrs. Patterson will also have gingerbread men ready for the children to play a number game. They will have to roll the dice and check the number, they will then place the correct number of raisins on their gingerbread man. If the children are lucky, Mrs. Patterson will let them eat the raisins that they use.

In room 2, Miss Skai will have the easels out for the children to paint their own gingerbread men. She will provide a picture for reference if the children need it but they will be encouraged to paint their own interpretations. Miss Skai will provide materials for the children to create collages which will be put on display in the nursery. There will also be a number of sensory bags out for the children to explore and use their language skills to describe the textures that they can feel.

Outside, Mrs. Cashmore will be playing gingerbread tag with the children. They will take it in turns to sing the gingerbread song and wear a special gingerbread man hat. The children will run from the gingerbread man and he will try to catch them. This game will help the Mrs. Cashmore teach the children about what happens to their bodies when they exercise, we will talk about how their heart beats faster when they have been running.



In little nursery the theme is planting.

In Catkins, Miss Tyler will be talking about planting and what seeds need to help them grow. The children will then plant some cress seeds to take home in the coming weeks. The children will water their seeds and watch them change into cress.

Outside, Mrs. Watson will be planting beans with the children. She will talk to them about what the seeds need and how they will change as they grow. The beans will stay at school and the children can ensure they get enough light and water. After a few weeks, the children can bring their plants home.

In the link area, Miss Gaffney will have a large scale canvas out for the children to paint on and express themselves artistically. She will encourage them to make large movements with their brushes and look at the marks that they will be making. Miss Gaffney will also have some cooked spaghetti on a builder’s tray for sensory play. The adults will model language that the children can use to describe how the spaghetti feels in their hands.