Nursery News 14th March 2022


14th March 2022 – Edition 255

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  1. Is your child ready to learn?
  2. Being on time, a reminder…
  3. Parking, a reminder…
  4. What the children are learning about this week


  1. Is your child ready to learn?

Central Bedfordshire Primary School Readiness Information

Starting school is a huge step in a child’s life – and it can be understandably daunting for both the child and their parents or carers.

That’s why we have produced a handy ’16 ticks’ leaflet  of things which you can do with your child now to make sure that they’re ready for when they start school.

The list includes everything from being able to take off their coat and shoes and being toilet trained to being able to enjoy a book and being aware of other children and making friends.

Don’t worry if your child can’t do them all by September, if that’s when they’re due to start school – it’s not a competition.

However, by being able to do some, or all, of these things, it will really help them make that big step.

There will always be people on hand to help your child if they can’t do something.


You can also access by clicking the link here


2. Being on time, a reminder…

We are finding that more and more parents are arriving late in the mornings and this is becoming increasingly disruptive to the registration routines of the staff and the children.

We have well established drop off and collection routines. If parents arrive on time then we can all be safely inside by 8:55am.

We expect Little Nursery to arrive for 8:45am and Big Nursery to arrive at 8:50am.



3. Parking, a reminder…

Please can all parent’s consider the needs of our neighbours when parking your cars  in the area local to the school. Please do not park across neighbours drives. We try to maintain good relationships with our neighbours. We are not able to control what happens outside school, we can only suggest that parents park with consideration.


4. What the children are learning about this week

In big nursery the theme is the three little pigs.

In room 1, the children will take part in a shared read of The Three Little Pigs with Miss Skai. After they have finished reading their story the children will piece together their very own storybook, they will use colouring pencils to decorate the pictures and staples to join the books together. Miss Skai will also be supporting the children with continuing patterns; they will be looking at the patterns on the clothes of the three little pigs.

In room 2, Mrs. Cashmore will have some sticks, straw and bricks available for the children to create houses for the three little pigs. The children will be talking about shapes as they make little piggy door hangers, they will also have the chance to create a collage of the big bad wolf. There will be the opportunity for the children to explore sponge painting, as they decorate the homes of the three little pigs.

Outside, Mrs. Patterson will be building dens with the children around the playground. She will discuss the materials that the pigs have used for their houses and the materials that we have in school for our dens. The children will be encouraged to role play as the little pigs and the big bad wolf. In addition to this roleplay, the children will play what’s the time Mr. Wolf? with Mrs. Patterson. This is a favourite among the children and encourages number practice as well as building social skills.


In little nursery the theme is hospitals.

In Catkins, the staff will be decorating ambulances with the children. They will discuss what an ambulance is for and where they go. The children will talk about times they may have seen or heard ambulances when they have been outside.

In the link, Mrs. Brinkley will support the children in creating a still life painting. They will look at a vase of daffodils and choose the correct colours to paint what they can see.

Miss Gaffney will have an ambulance roleplay in the garden and there will be a hospital set up in room three for the children to play in. The children will look after each other and help anyone who is ‘poorly’ or ‘hurt’.