Nursery News 6th February 2023


6th February 2023 – Edition 287

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A. Big Nursery Parent Consultations –A reminder.

B. February Half Term Holiday Monday 13th February 2023 to Friday 17th February

C. Visit from Batman!

D What the children are learning about this week?


A. Big Nursery Parent Consultations –A reminder.

Big Nursery Consultations will be taking place during the week beginning 6th February 2023. These consultations will be on the telephone, will last 5 minutes and be at the following times:

Miss Howe Monday 6th February between 3:15pm and 4:15pm

Mrs Cashmore Tuesday 7th February 3:15pm to 4:15pm

Mrs Patterson Wednesday 8th February 3:15pm to 4:15pm

Miss Skai Thursday 9th February 3:15pm to 4:15pm


B.February Half Term Holiday Monday 13th February 2023 to Friday 17th February

A reminder that the school will be closed from Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February for the Spring Term Half term Break.


C. A Visit from Batman!

As the year rolls out, we have different themes that we work on with the children. We built a plan across the year to ensure our curriculum covers significant learning in all subject areas. We also look at exploring different ways of learning. Last week we had a really imaginative week looking at Princesses and Superheroes. The week was really successful. The children will have sensed a difference as to how they were challenged. Mrs Patterson set up a role play Superhero HQ in the garden. There were lots of capes and masks that the children could choose to wear. There were also ‘Mission Cards’ for Superheroes to help people solve problems. The amazing thing was it really became exciting, and it was fuelled by the children’s imagination. There were few props, but there was very high involvement, with lots of children moving about purposefully, solving issues.

Then on Thursday morning, something very exciting happened…. The children were all shouting that Batman was in the garden. Children were quickly grabbing their coats to go outside. I left my office to see what was going on, to find two of the oldest girls saying ‘It’s Ok, it’s just Mrs Patterson dressing up!”

By the time I got outside there was a crowd of children shouting to Batman. Mrs Patterson had surprised us all!

(She had not told any of the staff, so we were as equally surprised as the children!


D. What the children are learning about this week?

The theme in little nursery is The Gruffalo.

In Catkins, Mrs. Field will be reading The Gruffalo story to the children and she will encourage them to join in with the story. Mrs. Field will provide Gruffalo character masks for the children to decorate after their story and they can be used to support play throughout the week.

Miss Gaffney will be telling the story of the Gruffalo in room three. She will have images from the story for the children to cut, colour and sequence. Miss Gaffney will check how much of the story the children can remember and retell.

In the link, Mrs. Watson will be exploring different materials with the children as they create character collages. The children will show how creative they can be as they discover different textured and coloured material to fasten to their work.

Outside, Mrs. Brinkley will set up a table with puppets in order to allow the children to retell the Gruffalo story. She will model how to act out scenes from the book such as the animals talking to each other and meeting the Gruffalo.

The theme in big nursery is keeping healthy.

In room one, Miss Howe will discuss some key elements for staying healthy with the children. She will discuss healthy eating, getting enough sleep, oral health and daily exercise. Miss Howe will talk about the importance of a healthy balanced diet and will then offer the children some fruit or veg and explain that it is good to try new foods.

Mrs. Cashmore will be playing ‘what’s in the box?’ with the children. The aim of the game is for the children to guess what is in the box, using only their sense of touch and recalling what they have learnt about through the week. Hidden in the box will be a range of objects that help us lead a healthy lifestyle and Mrs. Cashmore will discuss all answers with the children.

In room two, Mrs. Patterson will be talking to the children about their emotions. She will encourage them to talk about what makes them happy, sad, excited and angry.

Children will then be encouraged to paint pictures expressing their emotions using a range of fine and gross motor movement as they work.

Outside, Miss Skai will set up an obstacle course for the children. She will show the children how to navigate the outdoor gym while emphasising the importance of staying safe. Miss Skai will encourage the children to take calculated risks as they move up and over equipment in different ways to complete the course.