Nursery News 26th April 2021


26th April 2021 – Edition 222


Find out About:

A. Summer Safety

B. Some dates for your diary.

C: Primary School Place for September 2021

D. What the children are learning about this week.


A.Summer Safety.

I would like to share with you some tips for the summer term. We still go outside everyday, but we do limit how long children can go outside if it is very hot. We encourage all children to drink plenty, reminding them that their water bottle is always available. We do encourage children to come inside for a rest in the shade. We are very lucky in that our school remains fairly cool in the summer, with lots of windows for ventilation.

We would ask you to apply sun protection cream to your child before they attend morning or afternoon sessions. If your child attends all day and you wish your child to have additional cream applied at lunchtime, please send a bottle of sun protection cream into school (please pass it to their Keyworker) and we will store it safely in the classroom, out of the children’s reach. This cream should be left in school. Ensure their name is on it. Staff will assist children to apply sun protection cream at lunchtime. Please do not leave sun protection cream in your child’s bag. We do not want children sharing their cream with their friends. One year we found a pair of children applying it to their teeth to use as toothpaste.

Please provide your child with a cap with their name on when the weather is sunny. Remember 2, 3,and 4 year olds cannot always remember the whereabouts of clothing that can be removed. Consider what you would like your child to wear at school for safety. Children are still climbing and riding bikes so long sundresses and strappy sandals are not always practical! Messy Play: As the weather improves we take more and more activities outside. More water is used and play can become much messier. Please ensure clothes are play friendly and send in spares as children can become soaked if they pour water down their clothes, even with aprons on! Wet sleeves are a constant problem– One way to help solve this is to send your child into school in short sleeved clothes.


B. Some Dates for Your Diary.

2021 Summer term and school holidays

· Monday 3rd May. Bank Holiday. School Closed

· Half term from Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June (31st May is a Bank holiday) School Closed

· Thursday 22nd July. Summer term ends.

· Autumn Term begins Monday 6th September 2021


C.Primary School Places for September 2021.

We have now seen the list of destination schools for all the children leaving us in July 2021 to join Primary Schools in September 2021. We have 8 different schools that children are moving on to.


D. What the children are learning about this week.

The Main Nursery Children (The older bubble) are beginning to look at the theme of ‘Growing’. This week they will be planting sunflower seeds and broad beans, with the hope of seeing them grow over the coming weeks. To support this, they will be having a role play of a Garden Centre, using artificial flowers, flower pots, tools, packets of seeds and compost, and all the props necessary to run a shop, cash register, coins, bags purses, credit cards etc. The children learn lots from role playing shops. They begin to exchange money for goods, and they get the chance to role play being both shop assistants and customers.

Catkins, Blue and Orange group (the younger bubble), will be looking at the theme of animals. They will be focussing on the story Dear Zoo By Rod Campbell.

We will have lots of animal resources out to play with. Staff have organised an animal hide and seek activity for the outdoor area. Mrs Brinkley will be focussing on teaching different painting techniques this week in the art area