Nursery News 19.4.2021


19th April 2021 – Edition 221


Find out About:

A..Welcome To All Our New Families

B..Welcome to our New Staff.

C: Applying for a Primary School Place for September 2021

D. What the children are learning about this week.


A.Welcome To All Our New Families

The beginning of the Summer term sees us enrol Spring born children in to the Nursery. These children have all had their third Birthday between the 1st January and 31st March 2021.

These children are known as Orange Group. There are 16 children in Orange Group. Seven of them are already known to us, as they attended in Catkins Class, our class for 2 year olds. Nine children are joining us from our waiting list. Mrs Brinkley is looking after all the Orange group children.

I’m sure you have all noticed outside that we have three groups waiting in the morning each side of the front gate.

We are working very hard to ensure we take children in on time.

The gates open for the youngest bubble at 8:45am

The older bubble, beginning with Mrs Patterson’s Green group, is scheduled to be invited in at 8:50am.

We would ask that all parents arrive at their allocated time slot. Parents arriving late slows down the whole process. We do understand that some parents have to be in two different schools at the same time, and that is not possible! We try to help all children to enter as swiftly as possible, but please understand staff are allocated to particular bubbles. If you arrive with your 2 year old at 8:52am you may see 5 or 6 adults outside and wonder why nobody steps forward to greet your child. By that time all the younger bubble staff have gone inside to support their children to hang up their coats and bags and prepare for register time. We will ask an appropriate team member to return to the front of school to meet your child as soon as possible.


B.Welcome to our New Staff.

As Mrs McGrath is pregnant, she is considered Extremely Clinically Vulnerable during her third trimester, so she must ‘work at home’, even though her baby is not due until June. We have decided to take on two part time members of staff, to support our younger children. Mrs Watson and Mrs Field are both Level 3 Early

Years Educators, who bring a wealth of experience to our team. Mrs Watson is here on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Mrs Field is here on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays.


C.Applying for a Primary School Place for September 2021.

Last Friday, the 16th April 2021, was National Offer Day. All parents who made on time applications to their Local Authority for a Primary school place for their child in September 2021 will have received notification of the school their child has been allocated.

The Central Beds Website says that: ‘Online applicants will receive an email between 9am and 4pm, (on Friday 16th April) with the outcome of their application. Decision letters will be posted to postal applicants.’

Every year there is always at least one family who has not applied for a primary school place. There are processes to follow for late applicants, please see your appropriate Local Authority Website, based on your home address, should you still need to apply for a place for your child.

We hope as many of you as possible were allocated your first choice of school. We are, as a school, able to access a Central Beds website which will tell us which school children who live in the Central Beds area have been allocated to. Sometimes we are unable to see which school children with a Luton Home address are allocated to. In coming weeks we may check with parents to ensure we have the correct information regarding your child’s destination School.


D. What the children are learning about this week.

This week, the younger children will be learning how to find the toys and equipment in their play areas. They will however have the opportunity to play with our ‘Flower Shop’ role play resource, and associated learning activities. At this time of year we do explore things that grow and Mrs Brinkley has planted some tubs of vegetables with the children, so that they can observe them growing.

The older children are having a science themed week. Mrs Patterson has organised still life painting of Tulips, but with a focus on naming the parts of a plant. Outside, children will be exploring ‘flight’ with paper aeroplanes and other paper designs that roll and flutter in the air. Miss Howe had a magnetic kit out for the children to explore today, and will have other science kits out across the week.