Nursery News 1st Nov 2021


1st November 2021 – Edition 240


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A.Additional Public Health Advice to reduce Covid-19 transmission in schools.

B.School Photographer visit

C: Wednesday lunchtime drop off and pick-ups.

D. School governor update.


A. Additional Public Health Advice to reduce Covid-19 transmission in schools.

I have forwarded to you a letter to all Parents and Carers from Vicky Head, Director of Public Health, for your information. It seems that levels of infection among children and young people in Central Bedfordshire have risen to very high levels. All school leaders have been advised to put in place additional temporary measures to reduce transmission and keep educational disruption to a minimum.

As our year groups are separated into Little Nursery and Big Nursery, we already have reduced the mixing of all children in nursery. Our parents drop our pupils at the front door, so we do not have a huge number of parents in our building.

The current recommendations go further, asking us to limit visitors to the school for exceptional reasons only. I am pleased we were able to invite all parents in to visit the school, either in September as a settling in visit/consultation in Big Nursery, or as a stay and play session in Little Nursery in October. All our current parents have had an opportunity to see the school in operation. We had more plans to invite parents in to school, in the next few weeks, to observe grouptimes, but these will have to be paused for the time being.

I try to give lots of notice of any special events, and usually this newsletter after the half term break would set out all the important dates for this half term. I do not wish to set dates and then cancel them, so we will just have to take things a week at a time and follow current public health advice.


Click here for Letter from Vicky Head, Director of Public Health


B. School Photographer Visit.

A little reminder that a school photographer will be here on Wednesday 3rd November, for Big Nursery children, and Thursday 4th November for Little Nursery children. If your child is in Little Nursery but does not attend on a Thursday, and you would like your child to come in just for a photograph, please talk to Miss Tyler or

Mrs Brinkley and they will suggest a time.


C: Wednesday lunchtime drop off and pick-ups.

Miss Howe gave me some feedback regarding the drop offs and pick ups on the last Wednesday children were in, on Wednesday 20th October. She said it went very smoothly. So thank you to all the parents who read the newsletter, and worked together to drop off and collect their children in an organised manner.


D. School Governor update.


I’m pleased to say we have had a parent of a child in Little Nursery volunteer to be our new parent governor.