Nursery News 8th Nov 2021


8th November 2021 – Edition 241


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A. School Photographer visit

B. Local Visits

C: What are the children learning about this week?

D. We need a little bit more fruit!


A. School Photographer visit


Last week, Victoria Mitchell, a local Photographer was at Willow on Wednesday and Thursday taking portrait photo’s of the children. I observed her for a short time, and she spent a good deal of time with each child, trying to capture a good image. She has said that the proof’s will be with us by the end of this week. We will try to get them out to parents promptly as soon as we receive them.


B. Local Visits


All Big Nursery children will be going out of school in very small groups (max 8 children) during week beginning Monday 15th November to explore their local environment, from Goldstone Crescent to the postbox at the junction of Wilbury Drive. Staff to child ratio will be 1 adult to every 2 children. More information will follow in next week’s newsletter.


C. What the children are learning about this week?

The children in little nursery will be learning through role play, linked to the baker’s shop this week.

In Catkins, the children will have the opportunity to decorate pre bought cakes with icing that they will make with Mrs Field, they will also be exploring with cake cases and rolling pins to make their own tasty looking playdough cakes.

The theme continues in little nursery where the children will listen to and share stories, including ‘Maisy Makes Gingerbread’ with a focus on communication and language. They will be able to play in the baker shop that will be set up in the link area, they can role play as the customer and the baker with a selection of cakes and bread. There will be plenty of cakes for the children to choose from and aprons for

the little bakers to wear, the children will be using the tills and money to buy and sell their baked goods.

Outside in the little garden, Mrs Brinkley will be finding natural resources with the children to use in our new mud kitchen!

In big nursery the theme for the week is colour and light.

Miss Howe will be working in room one, she will be focusing on maths and playing the ladybird game. While playing the game the children will practice counting and recognising numbers as well as turn taking and helping our friends.

Mrs Cashmore will be creating patterns with coloured beads and asking for help in spotting any mistakes she may make in her patterns. The children will then have the chance to create their own patterns or copy some from picture cards.

In room two, Mrs Patterson will be working with the children to create a piece of art for the children’s yearbook folders. Children will be creating art with their feet! Feet will be dipped in different coloured paints and pressed onto paper. This can get very messy! I am sure everyone involved will have great fun and there will be a foot washing station to clean up your children as soon as they have finished.

Outside, Miss Skai will be wrapping cardboard leaves in different coloured wool and the children will be able to bring these home. This lovely activity will help to strengthen the children’s fine motor skills and may encourage talk about the different colours that they have used as well as the colours of the leaves in the garden.

A great way for you, as parents/carers, to get involved with your children’s learning this week could be to discuss the different colours that you can spot on the journey into school.


D. We need a little bit more fruit!

We are running a little short of fruit supplies for snack time. I am very aware of how the cost of food is increasing week on week in the shops, and I know an increasing number of families are having to stretch their family budgets further. So I know not all families are in a position to donate fruit for snack time.

We provide children with a fruit snack, only if we have enough for everyone. Apples are a good choice, as we can stretch them quite far. A pack of six apples can provide 36 portions if we cut each apple into 6 pieces. Apples keep well for a number of days too.

So please think of us when you next go shopping. We do not need huge donations, a carrier bag full of fruit may perish before we have chance to use it! The children look forward to snack time, as it is a social time, a moment to sit and chat to their friends or to the staff.