Nursery News 14.12.2020


30th November 2020 – Edition 210

Find out About:

A: Arrangements for the end of Term

B. .Christmas Party

C. Parking

D. Covid 19 reporting.


A. Arrangements for the end of term.

The last day for Catkins Class is Thursday 17th December.

The last normal school day for the Main Nursery will be Thursday 17th December.

On Friday the 18th December the school will be open for the Main Nursery Party only.

The school office will be closed on Friday 18th December. The deadline for payments for the beginning of the Spring Term will be on Thursday 17th December at 9:30am.


B. Christmas Party.

The Main Nursery Christmas Party is planned to be on Friday 18th December from 11:15am until 1:00pm. , The school will be open only for the party.

All children who attend Main Nursery are invited to attend the Christmas Party regardless of what days they usually attend.

Parents and children should arrive for 11:15, and wait outside on the pavement outside the nursery. We will follow normal routines to admit the children, with Green group coming in first followed by Red group, then Yellow group. Children will not require a water bottle or a packed lunch on this day as we will be providing refreshments. Children will not require their change of clothes bag.

Children may wear party clothes if they wish, or regular nursery clothes.

Please be prompt to collect your child at 1:00pm. We will use normal routines for departure.

Catkins Class will not miss out on the Christmas fun. They will have party food, a disco and Christmas crafts within their regular sessions every day during this last week of term.


C. Parking

It has come to my attention that one of our parents was reduced to tears last week over where she had parked her car in Goldstone Crescent. A resident came out to complain that she had parked too near to their drive. Then someone parked on the other side of the road to her, but then she got complained to for not parking with consideration and making the width of the road too narrow.

Goldstone Crescent is a small road that is used by Hadrian, Willow and Vale parents. Please be considerate of each other. Please show patience and tolerance towards each other. I’m appalled that one of our parents felt so upset.


D. Covid 19 reporting.

If your child is showing symptoms of Covid 19 and you decide to take your child for a Covid 19 test you must inform the school office.

If your child receives a positive result Covid 19 you must again report this to the school as soon as possible.

A positive test result must be reported to school so that we can inform pupils/staff of the need to self isolate after contact with a positive case.

The school office has an answering machine, so messages can be left at anytime.

During the Christmas holidays schools have a duty to engage in track and trace to protect other pupils and staff, for the first few days of the school holidays.

So, if your child receives a positive covid test result on Saturday 19th December or Sunday 20th December, please email the school : so that we can identify all those that have had contact with your child in the preceeding 48 hours, and we can contact them to inform them to isolate for 14 days.

Please keep as Covid safe as possible over the Christmas break. We look forward to seeing everyone safe and well in the New Year.