Nursery News 12th December 2022


12th December 2022 – Edition 282- Last Newsletter of 2022

Find out About

A. Little Nursery Stay and Play Sessions

B. Miss Tyler- Long Term Absence.

C. What the children are learning about this week?

D. Christmas Parties

E. Notes for the end of term/ dates for beginning of Spring term


A. Little Nursery Stay and Play Sessions

This week, beginning Monday 12th December Little Nursery Parents are welcome to join their child for a Stay and Play session. Parents are welcome to stay and play with their child during one of their child’s normal booked morning sessions (between 8:45am and 11:45am) on Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th or Thursday 15th December. You are welcome to stay for the whole morning, or just stay for a short time. Our hope is that the children will be settled well by now, and this will give you an opportunity to see what your children do whilst at nursery, and give you the opportunity to join in with them too.

B. Miss Tyler- Long Term Absence.

Miss Tyler works in Catkins Class with our very youngest two year olds. Miss Tyler has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Miss Tyler will begin treatment this week. Whilst she would prefer to be working, to keep her mind busy, her doctors have informed her that she will come into contact with too many germs and viruses working in a Nursery, and her immune system will be greatly weakened by her treatments. Therefore, Miss Tyler will be on Long Term Leave as from today.

We are a close team, and Miss Tyler has worked at Willow since 2008. She is very knowledgeable and well respected by the staff. Miss Tyler really understands the needs of two year olds. She encourages little ones in such a kind, considerate and playful way. She has a strong sense of fun and ensures all our littlest children have the opportunity to dance, sing, explore, get messy and giggle.

In the short term, we will reallocate Miss Tyler’s Keyworker children to other experienced members of the Catkin’s team -Miss Cashmore, Mrs McGrath or Mrs Field. Staff will introduce themselves to parents, so new keyworker relationships can be built.

We aim to be as supportive to Miss Tyler as we can, as she goes on this treatment journey, but unfortunately she will not be able to see us at school. We have been told to expect a long absence of up to a year before she can return to work.

The Nursery Staff will do their very best to maintain the high standards of care, fun and opportunity that Miss Tyler has helped to create, so that she can slip seamlessly back in on her return.


C. What the children are learning about this week?

The theme throughout nursery this week is Christmas

In Catkins the children will be hunting for pictures of presents with Mrs. Field. They will follow simple directions to look for the presents and answer questions about where the pictures were hidden. Mrs. Field will model positional language for the children which will improve their communication and language skills.

In the Link, Mrs. Watson will be decorating biscuits and creating some Christmas magic by making magic wands using breadsticks. She will support the children with their decorations but encourage as much independence as possible.

In Room 3, Miss Gaffney will work with the children to create lanterns using coloured cellophane and black paper. They will hold up their lanterns as they sing Christmas carols with Miss Gaffney. Children will also learn the story of Christmas, there will be a small stable with figurines for the children to act out the story after they have heard it.

Outside, Mrs. Brinkley and Miss Skai will be decorating the trees in the garden and making bird feeders for the children to bring home. Miss Skai will explain that it is difficult for the birds to find food in the winter, so it is kind and helpful to provide food for them.

The staff will be playing Christmas music and dancing with the children in the garden. Everyone will have the opportunity to show off their best dance moves.

In Room 1, Mrs. Cashmore will be making tree decorations with the children. They will write out the letters of their name and stick them onto card with PVA glue. The children will add sparkles and pipe cleaners to their decorations before they bring them home.

Miss Howe will be playing the Christmas Surprise Game; children will learn the names of 2D shapes as the gifts in the game are all different shapes. As they play the children will listen as Miss Howe models a range of vocabulary, teaching them about the uses of the presents that they discover.

In Room 2, Mrs. Patterson will have a stable role play set up. She will read the Christmas story to the children and they will be encouraged to act out the nativity after they have listened. There will be Nativity costumes for the children to dress up in, and a baby in a manger for the children to look after.


D. Christmas Parties.

These parties are for all our children regardless of the days you attend.

Unfortunately parents will be unable to stay during the parties as we do not have enough room! Staffing ratio’s will be maintained.


Little Nursery Party.

Friday 16th December

9:00am to 10:00am

The Plan:

9:00 Doors Open

Children work in small groups to make ‘Christmas Crowns’

9:20 Party Snacks.

9:30 Surprise visit from Father Christmas

Songs for Father Christmas

Father Christmas leaves gifts for all children.

9:35 Back to groups to make a decoration.

9:50 Pass the Parcel Game.

10:00 Parents arrive to collect all children.


Big Nursery Party

Friday 16th December

11:15am to 1:00pm

The Plan:

11:15 Doors Open

11:25am Party Food

11:45am Surprise visit from Father Christmas.

Songs for Father Christmas.

12:00 Christmas Magic Show

1:00pm Parents arrive to collect all children.


D Notes for the end of term/ date for beginning of Spring term

On Friday 16th December the school will be open for the parties only. The school office will be closed on Friday 16th December. The deadline for all payments for the beginning of the Spring Term will be on Thursday 15th December at 9:30am.


The staff would like to say Happy Christmas! to all our families that celebrate Christmas. We wish all our families a safe and happy break during the school holidays and look forward to seeing you in the new year.


Spring Term begins on 4th January 2023.