Nursery News 9.11.2020


2020 – Edition 205


Find out About:

A: Phone Line fault fixed

B. Green Group consultations rescheduled


D. School Photographer.

E. Keeping warm at school.

F. What the children are learning this week.

G Informing the school if your child is tested for Covid-19 .


A: Phone Line fault fixed.

Our telephone line is now working again. (We had no telephone line here on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.)


B. Main Nursery Green Group consultations rescheduled.

Green Groups Parent Consultations could not go ahead last week as we had no telephone line. The telephone consultations have been rescheduled to take place on Tuesday 10th November. The time you booked will remain the same.


C. Groupcall.

Groupcall is a text alert system. We can use this text system to communicate messages very quickly to all our current families.

We used Groupcall on Tuesday 3rd November to send out a text message to all families, so they knew our phone line was down.

The message is sent to the parent named as the 1st contact on the New Starter Form that parents complete when their child first starts at Willow.

If your family did not receive a groupcall message, please contact the school office and we will look into it.

Please ensure the school has your up to date contact details, including your home address, mobile phone number and email address.


D. School Photographer

A school photographer will be here on Wednesday 11th November, for Main Nursery children, and Thursday 12th November for Catkins children.


E. Keeping warm at school.

Winter is approaching and conditions are becoming generally wetter and colder in the nursery gardens. We go outside every day, in all weather conditions, so please make sure all children are appropriately dressed. A warm winter coat is important, preferably with a hood.

At home, please encourage your child to put their coat on themselves. We know many of the Main Nursery Children have the ability to do this, but they often ask for help. Please try to teach them to fasten their coat for themselves. Mittens are easier for children to put on themselves, rather than gloves. We do not mind helping children to wrap up warm, because they love to play outside. Children enjoy the outside space even when it is freezing!

Our school is generally warm, but unlike your homes we have a lot of outside walls in each classroom and lots of windows. Room 1’s door to outside is opened and closed all day long, so a lot of heat escapes. During the Covid 19 pandemic, we are required to ensure all classrooms are well ventilated. Advice is that windows should be opened, even just very slightly to ensure clean air moves into rooms. This helps to reduce the virus spreading in classrooms.

So, at this time of year consider sending your child to school in warmer clothing than they would need at home.

Please remember to label all items of clothing, especially mittens, hats and scarves, as these often end up on the cloakroom floor. We do not need fancy name tags, just try and put your child’s name on the size/washing instructions tags with biro. Even just your child’s initials or first name on the labels will help narrow things down!


F. What the children are learning this week.

This week, Colour and Light will be the theme across the whole school. Catkins class will be making some firework inspired artwork. Catkins class will have the opportunity to try spinner painting, (Main Nursery tried this last week). A disc of paper is put into the base of a salad spinner. A few drips of different coloured paint are added. The lid is put on. Children turn the handle, making the internal basket spin. The spinning action makes the paint spread out in a spidery fashion. The effect is quite clever, and the children are often surprised by the outcome. Catkins will also be trying scratch painting, scratching paint away to make patterns.

Main Nursery are trying a new art activity, painting onto blocks of ice. Mrs Patterson has frozen a variety of different 3D shaped blocks of ice. Children will use regular ready mixed paint to paint onto the ice. The artwork changes as the ice melts. We have not tried this before so we are looking forward to seeing the end result. Children will be making rocket shapes to represent fireworks. Divali is known as the Festival of Light and fireworks form part of the Divali celebrations. Throughout the year we teach the children about ‘Celebrations’ that some of their classmates may participate in. We also learn about some of the stories and tales behind the celebrations. Main Nursery will be learning about the story of Rama and Sita. Children will be able to make face masks depicting characters from the story and have the opportunity to hear and retell the story.


G. Informing the school if your child is tested for Covid-19 .

So far, we have had no confirmed cases of Covid 19 amongst the staff or pupils at Willow. Cases are becoming more widespread, so we must be prepared to act quickly should we need to track and trace contacts.

So, if your child develops coronavirus symptoms, we would ask that you organise a test for your child.

If the test result comes back positive, please let the school know immediately, even if it is in the school holidays. Send an email to: This email address is monitored during the school holidays.