Nursery News 5.10.2020


5th October 2020 – Edition 202

Find out About:

A: Starting Lower/Primary School in September 2021

B. Forest School Program

C. Catkins Class: 3+enrolment.


A: Starting Lower/Primary School in September 2021

Apply for a lower or primary school place in Central Bedfordshire

When to apply for starting school in 2021

Children born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 are due to start school in September 2021.

You need to apply before 15 January 2021.

YOU MUST APPLY FOR A SCHOOL PLACE through your home Local Authority. For information or to apply online please look at the following website:

We have three schools in this East Dunstable area, and there are many other schools within a few miles of here. Schools usually offer visits to prospective parents, but the Covid-19 pandemic may be effecting schools normal open events. I have taken the following information from our most local schools websites.

Hadrian Academy

We want you to be confident that Hadrian Academy is the right choice for both you and your family.

If your child is due to start school in September 2021 and you would like to have a look around our academy, then please contact the school office on 01582 618400 or email where our staff will be happy to take details and arrange a school visit.

Vale Academy

If your child is due to start school in September 2021 and you would like to have a look around our academy, we will shortly be arranging after school hours appointments.

School Address: The Vale Academy and Vale Nursery Wilbury Drive, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 4QP

Phone Number: – 01582 211150

St Christophers Academy

Gorham Way Dunstable LU5 4NJ

Tel: 01582 500960 Email:


B. Forest School Program

Mrs Brinkley spent a year studying to become a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner in 2017 . In order to support her work in school, all other school staff studied to become Level 1 Forest School Practitioners during the 2018 school year.

What is a Forest School? -this is a quote which outlines what a Forest School is and the ethos of them:

‘An inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland environment’ (Forest School (England) network 2002)

Whilst we have some trees and shrubs, we acknowledge that we do not have a ‘Forest’, but Forest School teaching and learning is all about participating in activities in the outdoors, learning new skills, building strong relationships and thinking creatively. Mrs Brinkley has planned 8 activity sessions that Main Nursery children will take part in during their final year at nursery. Mrs Brinkley will work with a small group once a week for 8 weeks. We aim to have worked with Green Red and Yellow group children by Easter 2021.

So, for your information, these are the eight activities the children will be participating


1.Fairy/ Gnome Dens. Children will use natural materials that they find in the garden to build a small den for an imaginary fairy or gnome.

2. Making Fairies or small people. Children will be shown how to make a fairy using twigs and clay. Children will be encouraged to make their own character, using their imagination to add hair, wings or other accessories.

3.Larger Dens. Working as part of a small group children will build a den from tarpaulins and ropes. Children will then join Mrs Brinkley inside the den for a story together.

4. Clay Faces. Children will mould a flat circular clay shape onto a tree trunk. Children will then add natural objects to the clay to create a face. Children will be shown how to make marks in the clay using sticks found in the garden. Children will compare their own features with those of their friends. Children will discuss similarities and differences.

5.Bug Hunt. Children will look around the garden areas, trying to find bugs to put into their bug collecting pot. They will tip their collections out onto a white paper surface, then use a magnifying glass to look carefully at the bugs. We will be teaching them about being careful with the wildlife and to look after nature.

6. Mud Kitchens, Mud Potions and Mixtures. Children will be provided with pots and spoons. They will have the opportunity to mix soil with sand and water to make liquid mud. Children will then be able to add leaves and grass, and anything else that they find in the garden, into their mixture.

7. Making Woodland Medals. Children will be shown how to use a hand drill to drill a hole in a small disc of wood in order to make a medal. Children will decorate their medals using felt tip pens

8. Using a Kelly Kettle to make a warm chocolate drink. Children will observe Mrs Brinkley using a Kelly Kettle to create heat. (Wood is used to create a small fire inside the kettle, which then heats the liquid above.) Children will enjoy warm chocolate to drink with a snack.

Mrs Brinkley’s Thoughts….

I am really excited to be now teaching our children ‘The Forest School Way’. The

children are enjoying the new experience and their ideas are extending learning further. Forest School learning has so many benefits to the child’s learning and covers all areas to support the overall well being of the children.

Welcome to Forest School learning Willow!


C. Catkins Class: 3+enrolment.

We are beginning the enrolment process for Catkins children who will be eligible for 15 hours funded education in January 2021 (Blue Group) and April 2021 (Orange Group). Children in Blue Group and Orange Group, in Catkins Class, have all received an important letter last week. Please complete the Options Form in the pack and return to Mrs Davies by Friday 9th October. Option requests are considered in the order that they are returned. I will then confirm in writing,the option choice your child has been allocated.