Nursery News 13.9.21


13th September 2021 – Edition 234

Find out About:

A: Newsletters

B: School Term Dates

C: Labelling belongings

D: A Good Start


A: Newsletters

I (Mrs Davies) write a weekly Newsletter to parents to help keep parents up to date with everything going on in Nursery. This weekly newsletter will be emailed to all families on Mondays.

Copies of this newsletter will also be placed on our website in our ‘Latest News’ section. Previous Newsletters are also available within the latest news section, should you need to search back for some information.

Please do read the weekly newsletter as we share important dates, including parent consultations, open school events etc


B: School Term Dates

The Local Authority, Central Bedfordshire, publishes details of term dates and school holidays on their website:

Type: ‘School term and holiday dates in Central Bedfordshire’ into your search engine to find the correct page.

Be aware that sometimes the Local Authority adjusts school holiday dates. I would recommend you check the holiday dates on their website before booking a holiday.


C: Labelling belongings

Label all lunchboxes clearly with your childs name, on the top, so staff can see the name when the box is on the trolley. Label all drinks bottles and containers.

Label all coats and shoes, and any other items that children can take off-cardigans/jumpers/ fleeces. It is much easier to return items to owners when things are labelled.


D: A Good Start!

What has happened so far?….

To start the year we spent two days, on Monday and Tuesday last week, holding stay and play events with all our three year old children and their parents. We used the first two days of term to allow all these parents and their children to visit the school, meet all the staff, and have a chance to play in the school together. We felt

this was a very important thing to do, because some children have been attending Willow since January 2021 and their parents have not seen inside the school. On Wednesday 8th, the school reopened to pupils. We have a staggered approach to inducting all our pupils. We try to get all children started as soon as possible, and have quite a short time frame in which we try to enrol everyone, but we do have to make decisions about who can start when, so that we can meet all the children’s needs appropriately.

So on Wednesday 8th, we welcomed back all children who were already attending Willow in the Summer term. We also invited some new Yellow Group children to start, those that would be attending for 15 hours at the end of the week, so they could attend on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

What happens next?………….

During this week we will induct the rest of Yellow Group, with 5 children joining the school on Monday, 5 children on Tuesday and 6 children on Wednesday. All of our 3+ children will then be enrolled, a total of 54 children in the yeargroup, with around 40 children attending in each session.

Catkins class begins to add new pupils this week. We add only one or two children to each session, to enable staff to give their keyworker children their full attention. This means that it will take us nearly two weeks to induct the 12 new Catkins children.

I do have lots of information to share in these newsletters, but I will not share too much until everyone is enrolled in school.

We are so enjoying meeting all our pupils and getting to know them, and hopefully over time we will get to know all their parents too