Nursery News 19.10.2020


19th October 2020 – Edition 204


Find out About:

A: October Half Term Break

B. Parent Consultations.

C. School Photographer.

D. What the children are learning this week.


A: October Half Term Break Approaching:

Time has flown six weeks of this school year has passed already. Next week will be the Autumn Half Term break. School will be closed from Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October. School is also closed for staff training day on Monday 2nd November.



B. Parent Consultations- A reminder.


We offer parent consultations once a term to all children in the 3+ age group.

We ask you to telephone the school office to make an appointment for your child.

Telephone 01582-662600

Staff with have a list of times available. You may select an available time. Staff will ask you for some details: your name, your child’s name, and the phone number you would like us to call you on for the consultation.

We have only one phone line at school so the consultations will be at the following times:

Green Group, Speaking with Mrs Patterson.

Tuesday 3rd November 2020. Appointments available from 3:00pm to 5:10pm

Red Group, Speaking with Miss Skai

Wednesday 4th November. Appointments available from 3:00pm to 5:10pm

Yellow Group, Speaking with Miss Howe.

Thursday 5th November. Appointments available from 3:00pm to 5:10pm


C. School Photographer

A school photographer will be here on Wednesday 11th November, for Main Nursery children, and Thursday 12th November for Catkins children. If your child is in Catkins Class but does not attend on a Thursday, and you would like your child to come in just for a photograph, please talk to Miss Tyler or Mrs Brinkley and they will suggest a time. Our photographers name is Victoria Mitchell and she is based in Dunstable. She uses colourful backdrops and props within her photography.


D. What the children are learning this week.

We use our newsletter to share information about what the children are learning at school. We do this so you can take an interest in current topics and maybe support this learning at home.

We generally have a specific focus for each week that we plan activities around. To begin with we talk to the children about what they know. We encourage them to talk about their families and homes. We then try to show the children where toys and equipment can be found (and hopefully where they can be returned to!). We have had a week looking at favourite toys, and a week exploring the Maisy Mouse storybooks. This week, in the Main Nursery we will be learning about ‘Who’s Who?’ in school. The children will be learning all the staff’s names, and their role in school.

One activity this week will be to provide a ‘staff hunt’. Children will have a clipboard with a worksheet of photo’s of the Main Nursery staff. Individual children move around the school, and write a pencil tick next to the staff photo when they find them. The children find it fun, and it is a meaningful mark making exercise. We will attach staff photo’s to the trees and play equipment around the garden and play movement games with the children, asking them to run to the photo of Miss Howe, or jump to the photo of Mrs Patterson etc. We will also have a mud kitchen in the garden this week. Children explore soil and water, mixing it in bowls, saucepans and other containers. In maths, children will explore Bee Bots. These are programmable toys that move forward and turn on the spot to change direction. Children program a set of instructions in the Beebot to control how it moves.

The theme this week in Catkins Class will be the Incy Wincy Spider Nursery Rhyme. Children will be making spider webs. Children will share the story of ‘Pip and Posy and the Scary Monster’ as a group read. In Catkins Class we have some sets of 4 books that are the same, so a member of staff can read a book with a small group and they can each have a copy of the book to hold. Children learn how to look at the illustrations to find out information, they can look at the pages and notice where the words are. They can learn to hold the book the correct way up and begin to turn pages one at a time in the right direction.