Nursery News 6th November 2023


6th November 2023 – Edition 312

Find out About:

A Parent Consultations, Big Nursery this week.

B. Would you be interested in becoming a School Governor?

C. Walk in the Dark.

D. BBC Children in Need.

E. Parking with care and consideration..

F. What are the children learning about this week?


A. Parent Consultations, Big Nursery, this week.

These consultations will be on the telephone, will last 5 mins and will be at the following times:


Monday 6th November Mrs Patterson’s Blue Group Consultations, 5 minute telephone consultation between 3:10pm and 4:25pm


Tuesday 7th November Miss Cashmore’s Yellow Group Consultations, 5 minute telephone consultations between 3:10pm and 4:25pm


Wednesday 8th November Miss Howe’s Yellow Group Consultations, 5 minute telephone consultations between 3:10pm and 4:25pm


Thursday 9th October Miss Skai’s Orange Group Consultations, 5 minute telephone consultations between 3:15pm and 4:25pm



B. Would you be interested in becoming a School Governor?

I’m pleased to say that we have had one parent step forward to become a parent governor. We still have one parent governor vacancy to fill. Our next meeting is on Thursday 9th November…. If you are thinking about it, get in touch!


C. Walk in the Dark.

Miss Howe is organising a ‘Walk in the dark’, an activity for children and their parents to attend together, after school, on Thursday 16th November at 5:00pm. Children will need to arrive, wrapped up warmly, ready to search the Nursery Garden for hidden soft toy animals. Children will need to bring a torch, because the garden is very dark in places! We will provide refreshments for everyone who attends. Brothers and sisters are very welcome too. If you plan to come, please send an email to Mrs Selth entitled ‘Walk in the dark’ detailing your child’s name and how many adults and children will be coming, so we can buy enough food….

D. BBC Children in Need.

Friday 17th November is Children in Need. Parents often ask us what we are doing for Children in Need. –So as in previous years, we will collect money in Charity buckets, should anyone wish to donate. We do organise activities with a Pudsey Bear theme, and we try to share with the children that we are fundraising to help other children. Sometimes the Nursery children want to dress up because they see their older brothers and sisters dressing up for their school’s event. We are happy for children to dress up, or not to dress up. We do not wish any family to feel under pressure.


E. Parking with care and consideration.

I received a telephone call at the end of last week from one of our neighbours. She said that she had lived in Goldstone Crescent for a few years now and was a parent herself of young children, so she understood the pressures of getting children to school on time. However, she said that recently the parking situation in Goldstone Crescent had become much worse, so much so that she felt she needed to telephone and complain.

The school has generally had good relations with our neighbours over the years. Our neighbour asks that parents ‘respect the people who live here’ and I think that is a very reasonable request. Goldstone Crescent is a narrow road. The dropped curbs for driveways are quite small. So, please leave enough space so residents can get on and off their drives without having to do a ‘twenty point turn’.


F. What are the children learning about this week?

In Catkins and Little Nursery, the children will be talking about the fireworks that they might have seen or heard over the weekend. We will use scratch paper to create colourful pictures that represent fireworks. Adults will model lots of language to the children to help them describe the sounds and sights of fireworks.

The theme will continue outside as the staff will provide children with chunky chalks to draw on the ground and paints with rollers to create firework themed art on paper.

In the Link, the children will be using salad spinners and paint to make some wonderfully bright firework pictures. This activity will improve the children’s gross motor skills as they hold onto and spin the salad spinners with paint inside.

Outside, the staff will support the children with improving their ball skills. They will work on catching, throwing and kicking balls, as well as turn taking and supporting our friends.

In room one, we will be learning about Diwali, the festival of lights. There will be a table of Diwali artefacts for the children to respectfully explore after they have heard the story in group time. The children will also get to explore the dark tent and light box, Staff will support the children to take turns in the tent.

In Room 2, the children will be decorating hand templates with Mehndi patterns just like ones they have learned about through the week. Staff will model key vocabulary to strengthen the children’s learning.

Outside, staff will draw Rangoli patterns on the floor, using chunky chalks. They will encourage the children to create their own Rangoli patterns using whichever colours they choose. Adults will talk to children about using bright colours and creating lots of intricate details in their patterns.