Nursery News 4th December 2023


4th December 2023 – Edition 316

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A. Information regarding the beginning of the New Term in January 2024.

B. Big Nursery Parents joining us for Music Time.

C Parking with Consideration.

D. Labelling hats, scarves, gloves, coats.

E. Lost Property

F. What the children are learning about this week?

G. Christmas Parties


A. Information regarding the beginning of the Spring Term in January 2024.

School reopens on Thursday 4th January 2023


During the Autumn term, all children in Little Nursery have been classed as ‘Two Year Olds’. Little Nursery Children who have had their 3rd birthday between the 1st September 2023 and 31st December 2023 are now entitled to universal 15 hours funding, or for some families, 30 hours funding. These children will be based in Little Nursery, and their keyworker will be Miss Gaffney. They will now be known as ‘Green Group’. In January, five more children will join ‘Green Group’ from our waiting list.


B. Big Nursery Parents joining us for Music Time.

We sent out invitations to all Big Nursery parents (by email on 21st November) to join us for ‘Music’ time. The invitation detailed the date and time of the Music session that your child takes part in. If you would like to join your child to participate in our Music Activity ‘Pigs on Holiday’ then please just turn up at the date and time specified and you will be made very welcome. There is no need to book. Sessions last 25 minutes.


C Parking with Consideration.

On Friday, one of our neighbours came to speak to Mrs Barber as his driveway had been blocked by one of our parents.

We do ask all our parents to park with care and consideration for pedestrians, our neighbours and other road users. There are hundreds of children arriving in this little corner of Dunstable every morning as there are three schools very close to each other. I do tell neighbours that we always mention parking with consideration in our new parent packs, so every parent receives this message from the beginning, before their children even start with us. The family wrote to me on Friday afternoon, detailing the problems they experienced that morning as a consequence of not being able to get their cars off of their driveway. Please see the following:


I decided to include their comments so everyone can see how they were inconvenienced that morning. All parents of young children have pressured lives, juggling parenting, childcare and work responsibilities, but I would hope, as a school community we would still have time to think of others’ needs.


D. Labelling hats, scarves, gloves, coats.

The weather has now become very cold. Children are wearing more items of clothing to school. At the end of each day we end up with a huge pile of gloves, hats and scarves on the floor. We try very hard to match them to the correct child. Please ensure that all removable items are labelled. It does not have to be anything fancy, just your child’s initials written on the manufacturers label in biro would be very helpful. Unlabelled items will be placed in our Lost Property boxes, if staff do not know who the items belong to.


E. Lost Property

We have accumulated a number of items of clothing in our Lost Property box. These items are outside in the Library area. There are three drawers in the top of a cabinet labelled ‘Lost Property’. If your child has lost an item of clothing in the Autumn term: Please check to see if anything belongs to your child, and take it home. We will dispose of any unclaimed items at the end of term.


E. What are the children are learning about this week?

In Catkins the children will be exploring instruments and how to play them. The staff will help the children learn the names of different instruments and show them that the instruments don’t always have to be played in the same way. The staff will be playing Christmas music for the children to play along to.

In the Link, the children will have white playdough set out to represent snow and ice. Staff will talk to the children about the season of winter and explain that it sometimes snows in winter. They will discuss how cold it gets when it snows and there will be a large igloo for everyone to enjoy decorating and playing inside.

In the Catkins garden, the children will look for pictures of presents hidden by Santa. All of the presents will look the same and the children will be encouraged to think about what gifts might be inside the boxes. There will be ten pictures hidden and staff will re hide them in different places once they have been found.

In Room 3, there will be a Santa’s workshop set up for the children to play in. They will have the opportunity to work on their scissor skills and holding their pencils effectively as they cut and draw on Christmas themed paper. Adults will support the children with holding the scissors and making snips in paper.

In Room 1, the children will focus on literacy and writing letters to Santa. They will talk to staff about what they might like for Christmas and staff will encourage the children to write out a list. They will focus on holding their pencils effectively and making marks on paper.

In Room 2, the children will be using forks to create paintings of Christmas trees. They will use their fork to spread paint into the shape of a tree, adding decorations to make it look like the trees we have in school. The children will also work on their scissor skills as they cut out different shapes to make an elf hat. Adults will encourage the children to talk about the shapes that they need to cut out and the colours that they would like to use to decorate them. Outside, the children will be using natural and man-made resources to make a small scale version of a Christmas tree. The children will use clay as a base for the tree and will drizzle glue and glitter over the top to decorate it. Children will also work with staff to make reindeer food while some Christmas music is playing in the background.


F. Christmas Parties

These parties are for all our children regardless of the days you attend.

Unfortunately parents will be unable to stay during the parties as we do not have enough room! Staffing ratio’s will be maintained.


Little Nursery Party.

Wednesday 20th December

9:00am to 10:00am

The Plan:

9:00 Doors Open

Children work in small groups to make ‘Christmas Crowns’

9:20 Party Snacks.

9:30 Surprise visit from Father Christmas

Songs for Father Christmas

Father Christmas leaves gifts for all children.

9:35 Back to groups to make a decoration.

9:50 Pass the Parcel Game.

10:00 Parents arrive to collect all children.


Big Nursery Party

Wednesday 20th December

11:15am to 1:00pm

The Plan:

11:15 Doors Open

11:25am Party Food

11:45am Surprise visit from Father Christmas.

Songs for Father Christmas.

12:00 Christmas Magic Show

1:00pm Parents arrive to collect all children.