Nursery News 2nd October 2023


2nd October 2023 – Edition 308

Find out About:

A. Booking Forms and Payments.

B. What to put in your child’s change of clothes bag.

C. 3+ Offer letters going out to Green and Red Group

D. Applying for Primary School.

E. What are the children learning about this week?


A. Booking Forms and Payments.

Mrs Barber and Mrs Selth would like to thank all the parents for their response to our recent request for Booking forms to accompany all payments. The system is working really well. I would just like to remind parents that all payments for the following week must be paid by Thursday morning at 9:30 am. This gives the office staff time to complete banking tasks and create up to date registers at the end of each week.

Please remember to sign the booking forms too. (This is a requirement of our auditors.)

Unlike some other settings, we allow our parents to pay for sessions weekly if they wish to. We do this because we know Nursery Fees are expensive, and everyone’s budgets are being stretched in the current financial climate. We can only make this work if parents keep on top of their payments. Staff spend a considerable amount of time each week chasing late payments. If a parent persistently fails to pay on time, we will have to consider asking them to book and pay for their child’s sessions on a half termly basis.


B. What to put in your child’s change of clothes bag.

We ask that all children bring a small bag or backpack to school with items of spare clothing inside. Sometimes children may become very wet or messy when playing in the nursery and we cannot leave them in wet clothes. Sometimes children will have a toilet accident and require changing.

Please provide clothes that are easy to change. Please provide more than one pair of underpants/knickers/trousers if your child is not yet reliable with their toileting.

We would ask that all parents provide a pack of wet wipes in their child’s bag to enable us to clean your child after a toilet incident.

We would also ask that parents provide some carrier bags in their child’s bag to put wet or soiled clothes into. A packet of Nappy sacks will do the job!


C. 3+ Offer letters going out to Green and Red Group.

I have written offer letters to the parents of Green and Red group pupils in Little Nursery. Children who attend Little Nursery have the opportunity to continue their education seamlessly at Willow Nursery School when they become 3+age and entitled to 15 or 30 hours of funded education.

I have managed to give these letters out to all the Green and Red group families at the end of last week


Please read your offer letter carefully and choose from the attendance offers shown. We would ask that you return your completed form WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON IT as soon as possible, and at the very latest by Friday 6th October 2023.


Once all parents of Red and Green group pupils have made their choices I can then begin to offer spaces to families on our waiting list regarding starting in January and April 2023.


So, please help me, and other parents by replying swiftly.


I plan to write to the Summer Born (DOB between 01/04/21 and 31/08/21) Little Nursery children about 3+ attendance choices for September 2024 sometime in Jan/Feb 2024


D. Applying for Primary School.

Apply for a lower or primary school place in Central Bedfordshire

When to apply for starting school in 2024.

Children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 are due to start school in September 2024.

You need to apply before 15 January 2024.

How to apply

  • if Central Bedfordshire is your council, you need to apply through them.
  • if Central Bedfordshire is not your council, you’ll need to apply through your home Local Authority.

You will need to look on your Local Authority Council’s website for further information on how to apply.

This applies to all children in Big Nursery.



E. What are the children learning about this week?

In Catkins and Little Nursery, the children will be looking at the photographs they have brought in through the week. They will talk to the adults about who is who in the picture. The adults will make notes of what the children say and this will be used as part of our family display board. The adult will work with the children to draw simple self-portraits, focusing on their facial features. It isn’t too late to bring in your photographs; the children will be excited to talk about their home life and point out their family photos on the board.

In the Link the children will use mirrors to identify their different features. They will be supported with finding and naming features such as eyes, mouth, nose, ears and hair. The adult will model lots of descriptive language for the children. The children will be shown how to manipulate playdough and make models of their own faces, using resources to add individual features.

In the Outside area, we will be focusing on staying safe in our environment and keeping the area tidy. The children will help to sweep and collect leaves to use in other activities inside the school. Staff will use this opportunity to talk about the seasons and why the leaves have fallen from the trees. The children might also notice images of children that have been hidden around the playground. The staff will use these as a conversation starter, to encourage the asking of questions. Staff will ask lots of questions about the pictures the children have found and try to widen their vocabulary. They will model lots of descriptive language as they discuss any similarities between the children and the pictures that they have found.

In Room 1, the children will be looking at photographs that they have brought into school. Staff will talk about what family means and show some pictures of their own family. They will explain that we are like a big family at Willow, because we take care of each other. The pictures that are brought in by children will be displayed in the classroom along with some staff family photographs.

In Room Two, the children will use the leaves that have been collected through the week to create autumn pictures. Children will have the opportunity to create hedgehog collages, exploring the colours and textures of the leaves. There will be painting activities set up that will allow for lots of colour mixing and exploration.