Nursery News 22nd January 2024

22nd January 2024 – Edition 321
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A. Parent Consultations.
B. What are the children are learning about this week?
C Willow Lending Library.

A: Parent Consultations.
We aim to hold Parent Consultations every term. Little Nursery Consultations will be taking place during the week beginning 29th January 2024. Parent Consultations are not compulsory, but if you would like an appointment please arrange this with your child’s keyworker when they are outside before sessions begin. These consultations will be on the telephone, will last 5 minutes and be at the following times:

Mrs Cashmore Monday 29th January between 3:15pm and 3:55pm
Miss Gaffney Tuesday 30th January between 3:15pm and 3:55pm
Mrs Brinkley Tuesday 30th January between 4:10pm and 4:35pm
Mrs McGrath Wednesday 31st January between 9:30am and 10:25am
Mrs Watson Thursday 1st February between 9:30am and 10:25am

Details of Big Nursery Consultations will be in next weeks’ newsletter.

B. What are the children are learning about this week?
The focus this week is nursery rhymes.
In Catkins, the children will be focusing on literacy. They will explore lots of books with the adults and practice turning the pages and looking at the pictures in the books. Staff will show the children how to use the books gently and encourage them to put their books back on the shelf when they are finished reading.
Outside, the children will be building on their physical skills by completing an obstacle course. They will climb, jump, balance and run while taking part and adults will support as necessary. There will also be some magnetic fish in the sand pit for the children to find. Each fish will have a number of spots on them and children will be supported with counting the spots.
In the Link, the children will learn the nursery rhymes Five Little Speckled Frogs and Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day. They will have access to props for these songs in the water tray and staff will sing along and act out the songs with the children.
In Room 3, the children will use the magnetic boards to choose their favourite nursery rhymes. They will have a range of pictures with lyrics to choose from and will be encouraged to take it in turns to choose and sing.
In Room 2, the children will be building up their scissor skills as they use them to cut playdough. There will be a variety of tools such as rolling pins, scissors and playdough cutters for the children to use. This will strengthen the children’s muscles in their fingers and provide some much needed scissor practice.
In Room 1, the children will have the opportunity to explore construction as they use Lego blocks and plates to build. The children can really be creative as they build, there are no limits to what they can design and staff will encourage the children to be patient and look after each other’s work.
Outside, the children will explore the nursery rhymes Humpty Dumpty and Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed. They can learn these songs and practice singing them using playground equipment as props. Hidden around the garden will also be some nursery rhymes for the children to find. Each time they find a new song they can show staff and they can sing together.

C. Willow Lending Library.
We have had a number of new families joining us this term, so we just wanted to remind parents that we operate a lending library of children’s books.

Willow Lending Library
Welcome to Willow outdoor lending library. We are open every day from 8.15-8.45am and from 3.00pm-3.30pm.
Please choose 1-2 books with your child and write the names of the books under your child’s name in their colour group folder before taking them home to read together.
You can change the books as frequently as you wish.
Please look after our books.

*Please ensure that you have left the library area at 8.45am prompt before children start to enter the school gates in the morning.


Top Tips for Reading with your child

  • Let your child choose what they would like to read.
  • Make sure there are no distractions.
  • Sit close together. Encourage your child to hold the book and turn the pages too.
  • Look at the pictures. Talk about what can be seen on the page.
  •  Ask questions and talk about the book. Give your child time to talk.
  •  Have fun – there is no right or wrong way to share a story.
  • Free tips and advice in more than 20 languages on ‘sharing books with young children’ can be found at:!?q=&sortOption=AtoZ&pageNo=1