Nursery News 20th November 2023


20th November 2023 – Edition 314

Find out About:

A School Photographer.

B. Walk in the Dark event

C. BBC Children in Need.

D. An Open School Event: For Big Nursery Blue Group Parents: Basic Skills. A reminder

E. Open School Event: For Big Nursery Children ‘Music Time’. Week beginning 4th December

F. What are the children learning about this week?


A School Photographer.

The School Photographer will return photo’s to school on Tuesday 28th November.


B. Walk in the Dark event.

Thank you to all the families who joined us for our Walk in the Dark event last week! The staff were a little worried about the weather, but in the end we had good conditions. It was dark and chilly in the garden which made it all the more exciting.  All the food we had bought was consumed. I believe we were left with just four rolls and a packet of biscuits at the end of the evening. The event was very well attended. It is one of the staff’s favourite events during the school year.  We hope you enjoyed it too.


C. BBC Children in Need.

Friday 17th November was Children in Need day. Miss Gaffney shook her little red box with a picture of Pudsey Bear on the front, to make a collection for the Charity.

We raised £67.22


D. An Open School Event: For Big Nursery Blue Group Parents: Basic Skills. A reminder.

Mrs Patterson’s Blue Group parents have been invited in to observe a 30 minute reading/writing activity on Wednesday 22nd November.

An invitation letter was sent out last week to Blue Group parents advising the time of their child’s group. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

E. Open School Event: For Big Nursery Children ‘Music Time’. Week beginning 4th December

At the end of every morning session children in Big Nursery participate in a planned group time. Throughout the year children will participate in groups such as: Storytimes, Big Books, Oxford Reading Tree, Theraplay Sunshine Circles, Music Time, Phonics, Maths Stories, Dance, Number time.  We plan for 5 different activities each week. We usually offer these activities in blocks of 10 or 20 weeks across the year.

For example children will have one 25 minute music session per week for 10 weeks. The sessions are carefully planned, to increase children’s skills and abilities with music, week on week, building upon what they had learned in previous weeks. For Music Time the staff received tuition from the DeCapo organisation, and we then worked together to plan music sessions around the resources they provided us with.

We would like parents to come in to school and see how we teach your children.  Throughout the year we are going to invite parents in to school to join in/observe our grouptimes.

We would like to invite all Big Nursery parents to join us for ‘Music’ time. Each parent of a child in Big Nursery will receive an email tomorrow detailing the date and time of the Music session that you can choose to attend, during week beginning 4th December. If you would like to join your child to participate in our Music Activity ‘Pigs on Holiday’ then please just turn up at the date and time specified and you will be made very welcome. There is no need to book. Sessions last 25 minutes.


F. What are the children learning about this week?

In Catkins, the children will be exploring small world construction role play. They will use the digger toys to move around sand and soil. Staff will talk to the children about what they are doing. They will model simple language such as push, pull, scoop, dig and build. In the garden, the children will be using different materials to build, improving their fine motor skills.

In Little Nursery, the children will use a variety of building resources including Lego, Wooden blocks and Duplo to construct freeform creations. Staff will join in with the children’s play, supporting them with some construction ideas.

In Room 1, the children will have a shop role play set up. They will be encouraged to write shopping lists and make marks to show what they want to buy. They will have cash registers, pencils, paper and a conveyor belt to explore.

In Room 2, the children will focus on fine motor skills as they use pipettes to drip colourful paints onto paper. Staff will explain to the children how to use the pipettes to drizzle paint onto their paper as well as discuss the vibrant colours they will be using.

Outside, the children have been enjoying roleplay games. They will be provided with masks, capes and materials to make dens and headquarters. They will be encouraged to invite others into their play and take turns with the resources provided.