Nursery News 18th December 2023


18th December 2023 – Edition 318.   Last Newsletter of 2023       

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A. Reminder – Big Nursery – Apply for a Primary School Place by 15th January 2024

B. Christmas Parties

C. The Elf on the Shelf……

D. What the children are learning about this week?

E.Notes for the end of term /dates for beginning of Spring Term


A. Reminder- Big Nursery-Applying for Primary School.                                                      

Central Bedfordshire Council has contacted us to say that 16 of our pupils have not yet applied for a place at Primary School.

Who needs to apply?

Children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 are due to start school in September 2024.

You need to apply before 15 January 2024.

How to apply

  • if Central Bedfordshire is your council, you need to apply through them.
  • if Central Bedfordshire is not your council, you’ll need to apply through your home Local Authority.

You will need to look on your Local Authority Council’s website for further information on how to apply.


B. Christmas Parties

Are Finally Here!

These parties are for all our children regardless of the days you attend.

Unfortunately parents will be unable to stay during the parties as we do not have enough room! Staffing ratio’s will be maintained.

Little Nursery Party.

Wednesday 20th December

9:00am to 10:00am

The Plan:

9:00 Doors Open

Children work in small groups to make ‘Christmas Crowns’

9:20 Party Snacks.

9:30 Surprise visit from Father Christmas

Songs for Father Christmas

Father Christmas leaves gifts for all children.

9:35 Back to groups to make a decoration.

9:50 Pass the Parcel Game.

10:00 Parents arrive to collect all children.

Big Nursery Party

Wednesday 20th December

11:15am to 1:00pm

The Plan:

11:15 Doors Open

11:25am Party Food

11:45am Surprise visit from Father Christmas.

Songs for Father Christmas.

12:00 Christmas Magic Show

1:00pm Parents arrive to collect all children.


C. Elf on the Shelf…..

That cheeky Elf has been busy in Nursery again! Miss England has been taking photographs of him, so that I can share with you all the things he has been up to!

  • He went for a ride in his hot air balloon in the garden.
  • He spent a day dressed as Mario, wearing a very furry moustache.
  • He then dressed as Elsa, from Frozen, and scattered snowflakes over Room 2
  • He went for a swim under the sea, with a big pink and purple octopuss.


D. What the children are learning about this week?

In Catkins, the children will be playing lots of games that focus on colour recognition. As the children play, they will be taught the names of different colours and will learn the importance of taking turns. We will also share some Christmas stories with each other and complete some Christmas puzzles together.

In the Link, the children will continue to work with colour as they use stamps and paint to create pictures. They will have a range of stamps and colours to choose from to make their marks on paper and adults will talk to the children about the paintings they are making.

In Room 3, the children will be focusing on maths. They will be making Christmas pictures. They will add presents onto their pictures and count how many presents that are underneath their tree. Adults will encourage the children to count independently but will support them as needed.

Outside, the children will focus on physical movement as they dance to music. Adults will encourage the children to move in a range of ways, strengthening their gross motor skills. There will be lots of action dances as well as some Christmas music for the children to move to.

In Room 1, children will be making Christmas pictures using shapes. Staff will provide some triangle shapes for the children to arrange into tree shapes, which they can attach to the paper with glue.

In Room 2, there will be hand painting activities for the children to explore colour and colour mixing. They will be encouraged to get different colour paint on each hand and to mix them together to see what happens.

In the garden, children will be singing and dancing to Christmas music. Children will be encouraged to show off their dance moves and the adults will join in by copying the moves shown to them.


E. Notes for the end of term /dates for beginning of Spring Term

On Wednesday 20th December the school will be open for the parties only. The school office will be closed on Wednesday 20th December

The staff would like to say Happy Christmas!

to all our families that celebrate Christmas.

We wish all our families a safe and happy break during the school holidays and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Spring Term begins on Thursday 4th January 2024