Nursery News 15th January 2024

NURSERY NEWS 15th January 2024 – Edition 320
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A. Funding for 2 year olds- Working Families -15 hour offer.
B. Request for Box Modelling Materials.
C What the children are learning about this week?
A. Funding for 2 year olds- Working Families -15 hour offer.
On Friday 12th January we sent out an information email to all parents in the two year old ‘Catkins Class’. Children in this class are the ones who may be eligible for up to 15 hours of free funded education from April 2024. For our forward planning we need to know which children will be eligible for this funding. We are asking that all parents in the two year old class help us by finding out if their child is eligible for this funding or not. We will hand all parents of two year olds a letter detailing how to apply for their code. We will also include a paper copy of a form to be completed and returned to school by Monday 29th January.
Please return the form even if you are not eligible.
B: Request for Box Modelling Materials.
We are running very short of recycled materials for our box modelling area. We would be very grateful for recycled materials that the children can use to create models. Children love boxes, but not too big please. The biggest boxes we can store are cereal boxes. Tiny boxes are useful, or unusual shapes. Plastic bottle tops make good buttons and wheels. Yogurt pots, butter tubs and other plastic containers are interesting to glue together, but please ensure they are clean. Toilet roll tubes become superhero cuffs, covered in foil. Egg boxes are great places to glue coloured tissue.
C. What the children are learning about this week?
In Catkins and Room 3, the children will have a simple role play area set up representing Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been learning about Goldilocks during group time and the children can act out some of the character’s antics. Lots of language from the story will be modelled for the children to copy and learn.
The children will be making and tasting porridge in the link. They will be encouraged to use some of the language they have heard during their story such as ‘too hot’ and ‘just right’. Children will be encouraged to stir the milk and porridge together before it is cooked and may even need to wait for it to cool, just like the three bears.
Outside, the children will be working on ball skills such as kicking and rolling big and little balls. The staff will play with the children, showing them how to aim and kick a football. Lots of praise will be given as children try their best and join in with others.
In Room 1, the children will be sequencing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They will cut out and stick pictures in order to retell the story as they have learnt it. There will be lots of pattern work for the children to explore, they will be encouraged to look around the area and point out different patterns that they notice.
In Room 2, the children will be painting and making collages of the characters from the Goldilocks story. They will look at the details of the character that they are recreating and the colours that they must use to represent them accurately. While they work, children can talk to the staff about why they chose the character they are recreating.
Outside, the children will have a larger scale role play set up. There will be a table with three bowls and spoons, three chairs and three beds. All children will be encouraged to retell the story in their own way and to consider the different sizes of the props that they have been provided with. Children will be encouraged to reset the area when they have finished playing, so that other children can play after.