Nursery News 13th November 2023


13th November 2023 – Edition 313

Find out About:

A Walk in the Dark event THIS WEEK

B. BBC Children in Need.

C. An Open School Event: For Big Nursery Blue Group Parents: Basic Skills.

D.  Volunteering as a Parent Helper in Nursery

E. What are the children learning about this week?


A. Walk in the Dark event THIS WEEK.

Miss Howe is organising a ‘Walk in the Dark’, an activity for children and their parents to attend together, after school, on Thursday 16th November at 5:00pm. Children will need to arrive, wrapped up warmly, ready to search the Nursery Garden for hidden soft toy animals. Children will need to bring a torch, because the garden is very dark in places! Brothers and sisters are very welcome too. We will provide refreshments for everyone who attends. (Free of charge). We plan to offer hot dogs/ cheese rolls, biscuits and squash.

If you plan to come, please send an email to Mrs Selth entitled ‘Walk in the dark’ detailing your child’s name and how many adults and children will be coming, so we can buy enough food….

We find this is a very enjoyable event for the children, and for all the adults. It is a simple idea, but the children never usually see their school or garden in the dark.  


B. BBC Children in Need.

Friday 17th November is Children in Need. Parents often ask us what we are doing for Children in Need. –So as in previous years, we will collect money in Charity buckets, should anyone wish to donate. We do organise activities with a Pudsey Bear theme, and we try to share with the children that we are fundraising to help other children. Sometimes the Nursery children want to dress up because they see their older brothers and sisters dressing up for their school’s event. We are happy for children to dress up, or not to dress up. We do not wish any family to feel under pressure.


C. An Open School Event: For Big Nursery Blue Group Parents: Basic Skills.

Mrs Patterson teaches Big Nursery Blue Group children ‘Basic Skills’ on a Wednesday morning. The children move to a quiet space in Room 5 where they work in small groups (approx. 8 children) to learn reading, writing, mathematical skills and problem solving.

We would like to invite Mrs Patterson’s Blue Group parents in to observe a 30 minute reading/writing activity on Wednesday 22nd November.

A further invitation letter will follow to Blue Group parents so that we can match up time slots, so parents can join their child’s small group.

Big Nursery Orange Group will have their Basic Skills groups in the Spring Term 2024 and Big Nursery Yellow Group will have their Basic Skills groups in the Summer Term 2024.


D. Volunteering as a Parent Helper in Nursery

At this time of year, we ask if any parents are interested in volunteering their time to be a parent helper in school.

Becoming a parent helper isn’t possible for all parents. We know a number of you are working parents and so are very busy. A good number of parents have younger children to look after too, so are unable to commit to help.

However, we, as a school really value the help if parents can contribute their time.

We find help most useful when parents can make a regular commitment each week to help out for a morning or afternoon session. Some parents offer a few hours of their time every week, some parents offer time every other week. If you become a regular parent helper we allocate you to one of our staff members who you will work with each time you come in. In this way staff can plan activities for you to become involved with, from arts and crafts, -little ‘makes’, which children love, to playing table top maths or language games, exploring construction toys, playing in the sand or water trays with the children.

Adult time can make a huge difference to a child’s education. Our staff’s first priority is to maintain safe and stimulating environments. At the beginning of the school year it is very difficult for them to focus on sustained interactions with small groups of children at the activities I have outlined above. Staff really appreciate the help of Parent Volunteers as it means we can offer wider Adult led or Adult supported opportunities in each play space.

So what can the volunteering opportunity offer you?

  • We are a friendly team. You might like to come and spend a few hours working with other adults.
  • Come in to school, and find out what your child experiences day to day.
  • Maybe take your first steps towards being an Early Years Practitioner. See how rewarding the job really is!
  • Spend some time with our wonderful pupils. They just love to chat with new adults and share what they have been doing.

Please do not feel you are too shy, or that perhaps your English Language skills are not strong. We would encourage you to come forward and give it a try.

If you think you might be interested please mention this to your child’s keyworker, or to any of the staff.

Miss Gaffney is our Parent Volunteer co-ordinator. She will then get in touch with you and invite you to a meeting with other interested parents.


E, What are the children learning about this week?

In Catkins and Little Nursery, the children will be making binoculars with different coloured cellophane and toilet roll tubes. They will be choosing the colours to use and will be talking about what happens when they look through the different coloured lenses.

In Little Nursery, the children will be exploring the dark tent. They will use light up and reflective resources to learn about colour and light. The staff will help the children to practice turn taking and help them to understand the need to wait for their turn.

In Room 1, the focus will be on creating and extending patterns. The children will use loose parts to set out patterns, stack parts and rearrange objects to suit their own play ideas. Staff will model how to create patterns and extend them further, helping children to understand what might need to be placed next to continue a repeated pattern.

In Room 2, the children will focus on attaching different materials together to build and create. Staff will explain to children that they can use different methods of attaching resources together, and suggest ways in which they can extend their ideas. Children will be learning how to use materials in moderation and appropriately.

The children have requested to have music outside in the garden. Staff will provide this for the children and encourage movement to music. This will build on the children’s social skills as they dance on their own and in groups. They will also have the opportunity to perform their dance moves to each other.