Nursery News 12th February 2024


12th February 2024 – Edition 324

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A. Some new Forest Furniture!

B. Catkins Class Offers for 3+ Nursery in September 2024 for children with dates of birth from 01/04/21 to 31/08/21

C February Half Term Holiday dates

D. What are the children are learning about this week?


A: Some new Forest Furniture!

Those of you that were outside on Friday at 9am will probably remember that one of our neighbours was having a very large tree removed by a team of tree surgeons. The children were really fascinated. A big group of pupils gathered at our front fence to watch, as soon as they were allowed to go outside after register time.

It was an amazing learning opportunity. Staff were discussing how the men were able to secure themselves to the tree safely and then use a chain saw to take the tree down piece by piece.

Mrs Brinkley is our Level 3 trained Forest School Practitioner. She said as part of her training she was told ‘If you ever see a big tree being taken down go and ask for some logs’…. so Mrs Brinkley did. The team asked how she wanted the trunk cut up. She explained that she would like the trunk cut in to generous slices, big enough for the children to sit on as seats.

The gentlemen set to work….

They arrived with log seats in their wheel barrows and placed them in the garden in a circle. The children were enthralled. The gentlemen were wearing their safety equipment and the children were very impressed. A number of pupils now wish to become tree surgeons and spent the rest of Friday trying to chop down our conifers with our play tools!

A big group of children sat down and filled every log. Some are wide enough for three small people to sit on together. The group started to chant ‘Campfire, Campfire’. So Mrs Brinkley went to find her camp cooking pot that looks like a cauldron and hangs on a tripod.

It was an amazing ‘in the moment’ opportunity, and we now have a marvellous set of forest seats. Sustainable recycling in action!

Thank you to Mrs Brinkley and Miss Skai for supporting this experience for the children.


B. Catkins Class Offers for 3+ Nursery in September 2024

for children with dates of birth from 01/04/21 to 31/08/21

We are now beginning our enrolment process for the 3+ Nursery for Summer born children who attend Catkins Class. Mrs Davies has written an offer letter for the 15 families who attend Catkins Class in this age bracket. Office staff will be handing out these letters to you this week. Please ensure you collect it. You are of course welcome to come in to school to pick up your offer letter.


We would ask that all completed Option Choice forms are returned to us by Friday 1st March 2024, at the very latest.  (Please note the school is completely closed during the February Half Term Holiday)

We assume that all of these families would like a place in Big Nursery. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have other plans.

We will offer spaces to our waitlist children with dates of birth from 01/04/21 to 31/08/21 as soon as all the Catkins Parents have made their choice of attendance pattern and returned their Options Form.


C.  February Half Term Holiday dates

We are approaching our February Half Term Holiday. The school will be closed from Monday 19th February 2024 to Friday 23rd February 2024.


D. What are the children are learning about this week?

The theme this week in Nursery is Chicken Licken

In Catkins, the children will be learning the story of Chicken Licken. They will learn all of the names of the different characters as they listen to this traditional tale. Staff will talk to the children about the animals in the book and they will have the opportunity to play with some small world animals that represent the characters.

In the Link, the children will be offered an invitation to paint. They will have a picture of Chicken Licken along with paint and resources to use. The children will have the choice of fine paint brushes, cotton buds and chicken footprints to stamp with. Staff will talk to the children about how they can make marks using different resources and focus on enhancing their fine motor skills.

Outside, the children will be wearing animal ponchos and moving around the garden in different ways. They will have access to chalks and use them to make marks around the garden. Staff will model how to hold chalks effectively and support those that need it.

In Room 3, the children will have writing tables set up for them. They have enjoyed making marks recently, so staff will provide lots of paper and mark making tools. Staff will support children with holding their pencils effectively and they will be encouraged to write letters and post them through the letterboxes in the role play area.

In Room 2, the children will focus on fine motor skills and will be using cotton buds to paint characters from the story Chicken Licken. Children will be encouraged to think about the colours that they want to use for their painting and shown how to hold their cotton buds for the purpose of making marks intentionally.

In Room 1, staff will be playing games with the children to encourage them to focus on set activities. They will play matching pairs games, to encourage the children how to notice similarities and as they play, staff will verbalise what is happening in the game to ensure that there is a firm understanding of what to do. Children will also play a matching number game, which encourages them to match, find and name all of the numbers on their board. Children will be encouraged to help each other as they play and wait patiently for their turn.

In the garden, the children will be fine tuning their physical skills as they complete obstacle courses. The children will need to move across apparatus in a safe and sensible manner. They can decide how is best to do this, but staff will support them if they are unsure. Children will need to move in a variety of ways to complete their course and can cheer each other on as they work.