Nursery News 11th December 2023


11th December 2023 – Edition 317

Find out About

A. Funding for 2 Year olds –Working Families- 15 hour Offer

B. Ensure siblings names are on the waitlist

C. Ensure all payments are up to date by Thursday 14th December.

D. School Office closed on Wednesday 20th December.

E. The Elf on the Shelf……

F. What the children are learning about this week?

G. Christmas Parties- A reminder.


A.Funding for 2 Year olds –Working Families- 15 hour Offer

You may have heard that the government is rolling out a new program of free funded education. The program will begin in April 2024 when eligible parents will be able to apply for a code, that will entitle them to free funded education for 15 hours.

We have received no official information as yet, apart from this email that was sent to us this week from the Department for Education.

So, I am sharing it with you. This offer is relevant to all working parents in Catkins Class of Little Nursery, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

From 2 January 2024, eligible working parents can apply for 15 hours of childcare for their two-year-old. Parents have until 31 March 2024 to apply for a code, with mid-January to the end of February being the optimum time to apply in case they need to provide further information to support their application.

To apply for a childcare code each parent needs to be working and earning the equivalent of 16 hours a week at national minimum/living wage and under £100,000 adjusted net income per year. This means that each parent needs to earn from just over £8,600 per year to be eligible for 15 hours a week of childcare during term time.

There is more information on the childcare support available to parents on the Childcare Choices website, where they can explore the early education entitlements and other government help with childcare costs.


We will send out reminders in the New Year through these newsletters to guide parents.


B. Ensure all siblings names are on the waitlist.

Please ensure you have put any younger brothers or sisters names on our waitlist. We know this new childcare funding offer will impact upon parental choices regarding attendance patterns for their children. We offer spaces to those families who have been on the waitlist the longest, within each termly cohort. So please ensure you have your children’s names down. We take children’s names onto the waitlist from birth.


C. Ensure all payments are up to date by Thursday 14th December.

Please ensure that all payments are made by 9:30am on Thursday 14th December for the remainder of this term and for the first week back.


D. School Office closed on Wednesday 20th December.

The 20th December is the school party day. The school is only open for the School parties. The office staff join in with the parties too. Staff will not be doing any administration tasks that day.


E. The Elf on the Shelf……

Miss England has invited a cheeky Christmas Elf to visit Big Nursery. The children have been really taken with him. When the children arrive each day, they find the Elf in a different place.

The cheeky Elf arrived by balloon on the first morning. Day 2 saw the Cheeky Elf Zooming off in to space inside his 3D rocket. Day  3 saw the Elf helping with Christmas decorations putting up the paperchains. Talk to your children about the Elf, they will be excited to tell you about what he has been doing.


F. What are the children are learning about this week?

In Catkins, the children are going to be decorating their party bags ready for their Christmas party on the 20th. They will use different resources to personalise their bags and staff will talk to the children about what will be happening on the day.

In the Link area, the children will be exploring paint, water and playdough. They will also have the opportunity to decorate a lovely wooden tree ornament with paint and glitter. Children will choose how they want to decorate their work and staff will show them how to hang them on the Christmas tree.

In Room 3, children will take part in a shared read of Dear Santa, written by Rod Campbell. They will turn the pages at the same time as the adult and look at the pictures underneath the flaps. Children will then discuss their favourite part of the story and what they might like for Christmas.

In Room 1, children will be making bookmarks with their names on. They will write each letter of their name onto tiles and stick them onto card. They will also be making their own calendars for the year 2024 to bring home. The children will dress up in silly outfits to make their calendar funny and personalised.

In Room 2, the stable will be set up for the children to learn about and role play a simple Christmas story. The children have heard the story of Christmas last week and can revisit their prior learning. Children will take it in turns to retell the story of Jesus being born and people coming from afar to visit the new baby.

Outside, staff will be supporting children in making festive bird feeders. They will learn that in winter, it is harder for the animals to find food, so they will be shown how to thread Cheerios onto pipe cleaners, and take them home to hang on nearby trees.


G. Christmas Parties

These parties are for all our children regardless of the days you attend.

Unfortunately parents will be unable to stay during the parties as we do not have enough room! Staffing ratio’s will be maintained.

Little Nursery Party.

Wednesday 20th December 

9:00am to 10:00am

The Plan:

9:00 Doors Open

Children work in small groups to make ‘Christmas Crowns’

9:20 Party Snacks.

9:30 Surprise visit from Father Christmas

Songs for Father Christmas

Father Christmas leaves gifts for all children.

9:35 Back to groups to make a decoration.

9:50 Pass the Parcel Game.

10:00 Parents arrive to collect all children.


Big Nursery Party

Wednesday 20th December

11:15am to 1:00pm

The Plan:

11:15 Doors Open

11:25am Party Food

11:45am Surprise visit from Father Christmas.

Songs for Father Christmas.

12:00 Christmas Magic Show

1:00pm Parents arrive to collect all children.